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SHED BOOGIE TUNE OF THE WEEK (24.01.06) ::::: Blondie Vs The Doors / Blondie : Rapture Rider

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Sorry I havn't posted for a while - life on the go and all that!

Here's something I've completely missed last year - the most talked about blend of 2005 gets pressed on vinyl and given a proper release after almost a year of download action.

If you've not worked it out from the title, this mash-up takes Blondie's classic disco-not-disco anthem and adds Jim Morrison's vocal from "Riders On The Storm", with Debbie Harry's rap sandwiched in between, which works a treat.

  • ***Full MP3*** Doors - VS - Blondie - Rapture Riders

  • Mark Vidler / Go Home Productions

  • Piccadilly Records

  • Guardian Unlimited : Download of the month
  • Garry Mulholland on the slinky bootleg mash-up that has acquired respectability - and Debbie Harry's approval (Sunday November 20, 2005)