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SHED BOOGIE TUNE OF THE WEEK (1.03.06) ::::: A-ko EP

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One of my favourite tunes from last year "Soul '69" gets another outing on the new MPM (022) 12"

The Iowa-based DJ / producer A-ko returns with his first 12" EP, two brand new tracks of funky hip hop / b-boy breaks, one for the dancers and one for the headz, plus two reworked cuts from his long-gone "Soul '69" 45.

First up is the funky rock breaker "Chicago", which is followed by the more sedate hip hop / downbeat smokers track "Fire".

Over on the flip there's a Clean Cut version of b-boy breaker "Soul '69" which is sure to get the lino shining. Lastly Devil McDoom takes on "Untitled", giving it a cinematic B-movie 60s psyche-funk twist - a spooky one for the DJ Shadow heads.

Side A
1. Chicago (Piccadilly Records 30sec mp3)
2. Fire (Piccadilly Records 30sec mp3)

Side B
1. Soul '69 (Clean Cut) (Piccadilly Records 30sec mp3)
2. Untitled McDoom'd (Piccadilly Records 30sec mp3)

SOUL69 / UNTITLED (7" MPM 012)
10 January 2005

Grimes, Iowa isn't exactly known for it's music scene. 5.399 people call this place home and A-ko doesn't even live in Grimes but a few miles outside where a 26.4k dial-up connection keeps him in touch with the beatmaking world. His favourite hang-out is where I spotted his raw talent.
Now that A-ko has finished high-school it's time for RJD2 (or your other favourite "instrumental hip-hop" producer) to watch his back because this kid is so fresh and his beats are anything but clean (or cleared). So you better enjoy his DIY funk before he gets famous.
Olski von Felbert, November 2004

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  • ***Full MP3*** 7" Strut Side : UNTITLED

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