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SHED DUB CORNER (5) ::: Bim Sherman - African Rubber Dub

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Another dubplate I don't know much about from the late Bim Sherman - the album isn't listed on Discogs or Roots Archives - but that isn't to say it's rare I found it on eBay but the postage rates from Honolulu, Hawaii might be a tad expensive!

To this day I can't work out if this is more filler than killer - see what you think - kind of reminds me of those parties in the eighties where there would always be somebody playing the congas with the music in the corner !!!!

Bim Sherman - African Rubber Dub
RDL Records / RDL 800
Record date : 1987

A1...Golden Dub
A2...Mellow Dub
A3...Sweet Corn Dub
A4...Rubber Dub
A5...Zion Dub

B1...Party Dub
B2...Mellow Dub
B3...Sweet Corn Dub
B4...Rubber Dub
B5...Zion Dub

  • :MP3: Side A
  • :MP3: Side B

  • Mixed by King Tubby, Prince Jammy and Adrian Sherwood.

    Musicians: Style Scott, Bingy Bunny, Bim Sherman, vin Gordon, Sly, Robby, Gladiators, Roots Radics, and more!


    Anonymous said...

    could you please repost
    it's very rare,
    i can't find it anywhere
    you're my last chance

    S.A.T said...

    Hi there Mr anonymous - leave your details in a comment - I'll post the mp3's to you!

    Spy Hill Skates said...

    I used to own this fantastic LP (I think a college room mate "borrowed" it), and would love to hear it again. Any chance you could help me out?

    Thanks, Tim