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S*A*T mix ::: 3*Style

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::: 3*STYLE MP3 HERE @ b00mb0x :::
59' 44 ::: 82 MB

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Loads of thankyou's & bigups go out with this mix:
Firstly a huge mucho gratitudes to DJ Disse, who sent me a promo of his debut album "when I`m bored, I change colour" due for release this june 2007 - absolutely stunning work! There are two tracks taken from it that feature in the selection.

Also the maestro sent me a 12" which he was the 'brains' behind, 'Under my Dub' - a Stones re-dub - another corker!

Secondly I would like to a praise-up Billy aka the undercover hippy - for giving me his permission to use his awesome 'money money money' track. Hopefully you'll be able to catch up with the ever travelling man at a festival near you!

Thirdly a big thankyou to Jannis of jakarta records for helping out with the 'Drummies/Fireball' little seven.

And lastly to Mark Vidler (Go Home Productions) for supplying the 'top' & 'tails' for the mix!

Apart from that it's the usual funky/dubby selection here; some new, some classic, some old...

3*STYLE ::: S*A*T ::: SPRING*2007

(01) 'Goodbye Rocky' - GO HOME PRODUCTIONS [GHP 2007]
(02) 'Three (Mad breaks edit)' - MASSIVE ATTACK [Wildbunch 1994]
(03) 'Drummies' - LEEROY OF THE SAIAN SUPA CREW [Jakarta 2007]
(04) 'Mr. Blue Sky' - ELO [Jet 1978]
(05) 'Cumbia Skank' - LOS HERMANOS LATINOS [LHL 2006]
(06) 'Fireball' - LEEROY OF THE SAIAN SUPA CREW [Jakarta 2007]
(07) 'Miss You' - THE DYNAMICS [Big Single 2007]
(08) 'The Chief' - TONI SCOTT [Champion 1989]
(09) 'Just a Little While Longer' - TYRONE ASHLEY / FUNKY MUSIC MACHINE [Handcuts 2007]
(10) 'Money Money Money' - THE UNDERCOVER HIPPY [UH 2007]
(11) 'Walk on the Wild Side' - DJ DISSE [Music For Dreams 2007]
(12) 'I Wouldn't Change A Thing' - COKE ESCOVEDO [1976 / Unique 2007]
(13) 'Amigos' - WICKED LESTER [Jalapeno 2002]
(14) 'New Dimension' - DJ DISSE [Music For Dreams 2007]
(15) 'Under my Dub' - RS [Balearic Biscuits 2007]
(16) 'Pinocchiohead On LSD' - GO HOME PRODUCTIONS [GHP 2007]

59' 44 ::: 82 MB ::: S*A*T ::: 2007


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***Wanted to put this post up for some time now, but everytime I visit the Jelly Jazz website they've reached their server limit!
***If you visit and they are not active, try again at the start of the month!

As always the lovely peeps at the Lemon Jelly Forum always come up trumps to links to fab music. These mixes seem to be constantly playing on my pod!

Anyone who knows me and can't access the mp3's - drop me a line and I can put on a CD or something ;)

Jelly Jazz run a weekly club night based in Plymouth. They are one of the longest running club nights in the UK (13 years old!). Ever packed, ever funky, it plays host to some of the finest funky jazzy DJ's from across the globe!

There are five 5 st*r mixes availeable on their website - packed with top funky jazzy grooves!

Grab the mp3's here

There's no tracklisting at the moment - but I'm working on it!