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Another mix from the maestro Bong ::: a very smooth and very FUNKY tribute to the late great main man.

*** MP3 Mr Brown @ b00m0x


Papa Don’t Take No Mess
Mind Power
The Payback
There Was A Time (I Got To Move)
Make It Funky, Parts 1,2,3 & 4)
Talkin’ Loud And Sayin’ Nothing
Ain’t It Funky Now
More Peas (Fred Wesley & The JB’s)
Don’t Tell It (Complete Version)

recorded @ bong heights january 2007
deadSOUND 30

Bong @ b00mb0x
Bong @ MySpace

Music Blog of the Week: Stop That Train

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Stumbled on this little treasure while trying to get info on the Rigby Reggae mash-up.

Stop That Train BLOG

At the moment there are five podcasts of roots and dub (all available to download) by the main man - Papa Sparks !
Great stuff!

Here's the last podcast (18.01.07):

***MP3 DOWNLOAD: Stop That Train No.5 - Papa Sparks

1. Steel Pulse - Handsworth Revolution
2. Roots Radics - King Tubby`s Gold Dub (Bill Laswell remix)
3. Lee "Scratch" Perry - Cool Rockers
4. Augustus Pablo - Rockers Meets King Tubbys In A Fire House
5. All Nation Rockers Roots Lepkie - Rockers Arise
6. Gary Clail - Beef (Thefuturemix)
7. Barrington Levy - Under Mi Sensi
8. Papa Levi - Mi God Mi King
9. Joe Tex and U Black - Standardization
10. The Abyssinians - Praise Him
11. Bunny Wailer - Armageddon Dub
12. Lord Tanamo with The Skatalites - I'm In The Mood For Ska

54:34 Mins


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The usual funky/dubby selection here; some new, some classic, some old and some forgotten !

Tracklisting below - enjoy!


(01) intro
(02) channel surfing (feat. kool keith) - feature cast
(03) reggae rigby - loo & placido
(04) let the funk flow - james brown
(05) this time (i'm gonna try it my way) - dj shadow
(06) move on up - the dynamics
(07) the big score (ursula 1000 vs. dr. luke) - the fort knox five
(08) disco skank - beatfanatic
(09) the boss - james brown
(10) masterblaster / jammin' re-edit - roots uprising vs. stevie wonder
(11) hit me with your rhythm stick - ian dury
(12) pull up to the bumper - compass 12" dub version
(13) rainbow flows - husky rescue
(14) behind the light - bonobo
(15) gentle on my mind - dean martin
(16) a tune for jack - lemon jelly

1 : 04 : 17
88.3 MB

TUNES FOR JACK on b00mb0x

S*A*T @ MySpace

Loo & Placido - 'Reggae Rigby' ::: YouTube Video

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Just tracked down a video to the excellent reggae mash-up of the Beatles Eleaner Rigby.
Filmmaker: Jody Vandenburg @ MySpace

Cassette Generator

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Make your own virtual cassette !

Here's a simple tape image creater ! Just enter some text and click the 'Go' button. A picture of a cassette will be generated for you.

Cassette Generator

Music Blog of the Week: Silence Is A Rhythm Too

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I discovered this music blog while trying to find a mp3 of the Skatalites version of the James Bond Theme. There's always interesting MP3's available to download every week making me a regular visitor. The blogs' maestro is based in Minnesota, United States and goes by the name of Michael aka DJ Rez.

Silence Is A Rhythm Too Blog
Post: Disc Shuffle Or What I Played At Work Today: Skatalites - James Bond Theme


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Hi there, trying to get back to old ways - I actually bought some records for the first time this year!
These are some of the sounds coming from the SHED this week !

Here are the links and they will all be on a mix to download soon -
if I get the time ;-)

The Dynamics: Seven Nation Army / Move On Up 7"
Label: Big Smile Catalogue number: BIGs001
Country of origin: FRA

Two huge reggae cover versions of classic tracks. White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army gets a deep dub mix with an amazing trio of vocals from the Dynamics. On the flip the Dynamics cover the classic Curtis Mayfield Move On Up. Keeping the sweet mellow flavour of the original whilst cranking up the reggae flavour. This hyper-rare 45 is attracting some serious action and is destined to become a bit of a collectors item.

The Dynamics @ MySpace
The Dynamics website

(Not) J*Star: Reggae Rigby / Reggae La La 12"
Label: White Catalogue number: NMT001
Country of origin: UK

The very hard to come by reggae version of the Beatles Elanor Rigby turns up on a twelve inch. Its a very well done re-edit, with Paul McCartneys vocal chopped to fit the reggae backing perfectly, you would almost think Revolver was the Beatles lost dubbed out classic... Flip over and there is a reggae version of the Fugee's Fuu-Gee-La. It was first listed at Fat City by J*Star, they later found out it was NOT the work of J*Star, but of another mysterious reggae relicker, so thats why it's down as (Not) J*Star !!!
****With a bit of google-research I found a post on the House of Cuss forum dated November 26, 2004 (!), that the "Rigby Reggae" mashup was done by the French duo Loo & Placido. So the track's a couple years old !
Loo & Placido @ MySpace

DJ Shadow: This Time (I'm Gonna Try It My Way) / Dub 7"
Label: Island
Catalogue number:1716790
Country of origin: USA

DJ Shadow's new album The Outsider has been getting quite a lot of negative feedback recently but this track taken from it is a gem of a 7". The story goes that DJ Shadow (or a friend) found a dusty old unnamed 60s / 70s soul acetate in the studio a while back, listened to it and was so impressed that he based this track on it. To re-create that sun-dappled Memphis blue-eyed soul sound he hooked up with the Heliocentrics (Stark Reality's Nesta and funk 45 hero and drummer Malcolm Catto, ex of Mo'Wax) who add live playing. Then, just to ice that cake a bit more, he's drafted in Wil Malone to arrange the rather emotive strings. If you didn't know already, Malone is famous for the strings on Massive Attack's "Unfinished Sympathy", as well The Verve's "Bitter Sweet Symphony" and a few cult soundtracks too. On the flip there's a slow and low dub version for the beat diggers, which is also pretty damn fine. Don't let this sneak under the radar because it's gonna be your first killer secret weapon of 2007!

DJ Shadow Official Site
DJ Shadow @ MySpace

Fat City Record Shop, Manchester
Piccadilly Records, Manchester

Drumming Baby

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Don't usually post random videos - but this makes me grin !

Music Blog of the Week: Culture Bully

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Here's something new for the Boogie Shed Blog - other music blogs of note !!!

The first is Culture Bully which has a fantastic post: Culture Bully’s Favorite Mash-Ups: 2006
All 25 mash-ups have a decription and mp3 link to play and download !!!

Here's the list and MP3 links:

25 - Arty Fufkin “Barrel of a Goo” (Beastie Boys vs. Sonic Youth
Arty Fufkin - Official Site

24 - Totom “Get Down Only” (Nine Inch Nails vs. Kool and the Gang)
Totom - With Boots Official Site
Totom - Official Site

Totom - MySpace Site

23 - Sam Flanagan “Witness The Curtains Closing” (Arctic Monkeys vs Roots Manuva)
The Arctic Monkeys Remixed - Official Site

Sam Flanagan - Official Site
Sam Flanagan - MySpace Site

22 - Bobby Martini “Big Time Dare” (Gorillaz vs Peter Gabriel)
Bobby Martini - Official Site

21 - DJ Maxentropy “Short Skirt London Bridge” (Fergie vs Cake)
DJ Maxentropy - Official Site
DJ Maxentropy - MySpace Site

- DJ Nicky T “Shaggy Fat Boy” (Shaggy vs. Fatboy Slim)
DJ Nicky T - Official Site
DJ Nicky T - MySpace Site

19 - dj BC “Beneath Dumaine Street” (Wu Orleans)
dj BC - Official Site
dj BC - MySpace Site

18 - DJ not-I “Feel All Apologies” (Blackalicious vs Nirvana)
DJ not-I - Official Site

DJ not-I - MySpace Site

17 - Synchronoize “Sweet Times of Mine” (Foo Fighters vs Guns N’ Roses)
Synchronoize - Official Site

16 - DJ BC “They Might Be Starting” (They Might Be Giants vs. Will Smith vs. Pink)
dj BC - Official Site
dj BC - MySpace Site

15a - Mark Vidler - Go Home Productions “Oasis Are Gaye (Sexual Wonderwall)” (Oasis vs. Marvin Gaye)
b - Mark Vidler - Go Home Productions “Sexual High” (Marvin Gaye vs Radiohead)
Mark Vidler - Go Home Productions - Official Site
Mark Vidler - Go Home Productions - MySpace Site

14 - Irn Mnky “Shake Lylas Rump” (Oasis vs Beastie Boys)
Irn Mnky - Official Site
Irn Mnky - MySpace Site

13 - A plus D “Beethoven’s Fifth Gold Digger” (Kanye West vs. Beethoven vs. Walter Murphy)
A + D - Official Site
Adrian Roberts - MySpace Site

The Mysterious D - MySpace Site

12 - CCC “3 MCs and 4 Mods” (The Who vs Beastie Boys)
CCC - Official Site

CCC - MySpace Site

11 - DJ BC “Free ADIDAS” (Run DMC vs. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers)
dj BC - Official Site

dj BC - MySpace Site

10 - Arty Fufkin “Crazy Logic” (Supertramp vs. Gnarls Barkley)
Arty Fufkin - Official Site

09 - Irn Mnky “J.C.R.E.A.M (Johnny Cash Rules Everything Around Me)” (Johnny Cash vs Wu-Tang Clan)
Irn Mnky - Official Site
Irn Mnky - MySpace Site

08 - Menegaux “Going Back To Dani” (Notorious B.I.G. vs Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Dan Gaffney Show - Tom Petty vs Red Hot Chili Peppers
Menegaux - MySpace Site

07 - Mark Vidler - Go Home Productions “Flaming Mary Can (Out) Run Prince” (Flaming Lips vs. Mary J. Blige vs. Can vs. Run DMC vs. Prince)
Mark Vidler - Go Home Productions - Official Site

Mark Vidler - Go Home Productions - MySpace Site

06 - DJ Erb “Regulate Dust in the Wind” (Kansas vs Warren G)
DJ Erb - Official Site

DJ Erb - MySpace Site

05 - DJ Riko “For Those About to Clown” (Angus Young vs. Smokey Robinson vs. John Bonham)
DJ Riko - Official Site
DJ Riko - MySpace Site

04 - DJ BC “Da Sound of Da Irish Police Band” (KRS-One)
dj BC - Official Site

dj BC - MySpace Site

03 - AplusD “Nelly Furtado’s Crazy” (Nelly Furtado vs Gnarls Barkley)
A + D - Official Site
Adrian Roberts - MySpace Site

The Mysterious D - MySpace Site

02 - Mark Vidler - Go Home Productions “Alive and Nellified” (Nelly vs Mooney Suzuki)
Mark Vidler - Go Home Productions - Official Site

Mark Vidler - Go Home Productions - MySpace Site

01 - Flosstradamus “Overnight Star” (Twista vs Sigur Rós)
Flosstradamus - MySpace Site

Download a zip file of the entire list here
: Culture Bully’s Favorite Mash-Ups 2005
also: Setting the Records Straight: A Few Words with Boston Bootlegger dj BC

SHED BOOGIE GUEST MIX (7) ::: BONG ::: Curry Goat

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I should have put this mix up on the Shed blog ages ago! Big apologies Bong ! For the last few weeks it's been the next mix to play on my pod after wrappers delight - once I actually walked back (3 miles) from town to my fen outpost just to keep in the wonderful world of this mix !!! ....Jah I walked very far yar (with serious amounts of echo) !!!

It keeps reminding me that I really should do a Dub Styly mix one of these days - here's to finding the time !

*** MP3 *** Bong - Curry Goat
Click on the download link above and it will be downloaded to your desktop with Jah magic!

::: OR hit the link below to play the mix :::
BONG @ b00mb0x

Tracklisting below:

Bong feat. Jah Whittingstall’s Allstars - Curry Goatro
Jah Berry - News (Version)
Jah Berry - News
Steve Boswell - I Am Getting Bad
Steve Boswell - I Am Getting Bad (Version)
Tabby - Takes A Miracle
Den Fraser - Takes A Magic Dub
Excerpt From “Rockers”
Jah Berry - Waiting In The Park
The Untouchables - Help Us Jah
Chantells - Hey You
Mikey Dread - Skinhead Skank
Jah Berry - Sister Jaqueline
Jah Berry - Sister Jaqueline (Version) #
Chantells & Barnabas - Sister Fay (Version) #
Heptones - Deceivers
Jah Berry - Sister Jaqueline (Version)
Excerpt From “Rockers”
Scientist - 911
U-Roy - Every Knee Shall Bow
Unknown Dj - Sounds Of Man
Untouchables - Sea Of Love
Prince Mohammed - Lightening & Thunder
Bong - Babylon and Out

recorded@bongheights 23rd June 2006

praise jah