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SHED BOOGIE GUEST MIX ::::: Swampmaster - Soccahmix (Extra Time)

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I'm getting very excited about the oncoming World Cup - so here's a fantastic footie flavoured offering:

Swampmaster - Soccahmix (Extra Time)

The Kop Choir - You’ll Never Walk Alone (Live) (Hallmark)
Depth Charge - Goal (First Half) (Vinyl Solution)
Primal Scream, Irvine Welsh And On-U Sound Present - The Big Man And The Scream Team Meet The Barmy Army Uptown (Full Strength Fortified Dub) (Creation)
Depth Charge - Goal (Sudden Death Penalty Shoot Out) (Vinyl Solution)
Barmy Army - Sharp As A Needle (On-U Sound)
Colourbox - The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme (4AD)
Tackhead - The Game (You’ll Never Walk Alone) feat. Brian Moore (On-U Sound)
The Real Sounds Of Africa - Soccer Fan (World Cup 12′’ Remix by Norman Cook) (Cherry Red)
Depth Charge - Romario (EFA Medien GmbH)
Moog - Moog Lose The World Cup (Dust2Dust)
Black Grape feat. Joe Strummer and Keith Allen - England’s Irie (Radioactive)
Depth Charge - Goal (Second Half + Extra Time) (Vinyl Solution)
England New Order - World In Motion (Carabinieri Mix/No Alla Violenza Mix/Original Version) (Swamp Megamix) (White Label)
Barmy Army - England 2 Yugoslavia 0 (On-U Sound)

**** MP3 **** currently available from b00mb0x

Here's what the maestro Swampmaster said about it on the Lemon Jelly forum:

.....this izza updated version ov mix from 2yrs back. iv added a coupla trax, some extra “goals” bitz & a few other tweaks here & there. cheerz to ted fer cover.

fer maximum listening experience:
1. play loud
2. start play 67mins b4 eng-er-land kick off time (or any game yr interested in really, but obviously particularly relevant fer eng-er-land matches, hehe)
3. dredge out every future footy tournament (particularly good in werld cup) and repeat…

this mix started life in 1998 during the world cup in france. i woz guesting bi-weekly onna local radio station, crash fm, where me mate woz presenting nitely evening prog. it woz kinda interestin whether i actually had enuff footy rekkids to make a decent slot. it woz more ovva sequence ov rekkids back then. altho iv kept to original traxlist (almost) itz actually a mix now.

during last world cup, japan 2002, i really enjoyed spinnin all versions/mixes ov “werld in motion” b4 eng-er-land matches. so, i decided to try & meld togever 3 versions: “original”, “carabinieri mix”, “no alla violenza mix”. in original selection it woz jus 1st 2. anywayz, it turned into a 15min megamix, phew! sumfin i aint tried b4.