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SHED BOOGIE GUEST MIX ::::: Swampmaster - Soccahmix (Extra Time)

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I'm getting very excited about the oncoming World Cup - so here's a fantastic footie flavoured offering:

Swampmaster - Soccahmix (Extra Time)

The Kop Choir - You’ll Never Walk Alone (Live) (Hallmark)
Depth Charge - Goal (First Half) (Vinyl Solution)
Primal Scream, Irvine Welsh And On-U Sound Present - The Big Man And The Scream Team Meet The Barmy Army Uptown (Full Strength Fortified Dub) (Creation)
Depth Charge - Goal (Sudden Death Penalty Shoot Out) (Vinyl Solution)
Barmy Army - Sharp As A Needle (On-U Sound)
Colourbox - The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme (4AD)
Tackhead - The Game (You’ll Never Walk Alone) feat. Brian Moore (On-U Sound)
The Real Sounds Of Africa - Soccer Fan (World Cup 12′’ Remix by Norman Cook) (Cherry Red)
Depth Charge - Romario (EFA Medien GmbH)
Moog - Moog Lose The World Cup (Dust2Dust)
Black Grape feat. Joe Strummer and Keith Allen - England’s Irie (Radioactive)
Depth Charge - Goal (Second Half + Extra Time) (Vinyl Solution)
England New Order - World In Motion (Carabinieri Mix/No Alla Violenza Mix/Original Version) (Swamp Megamix) (White Label)
Barmy Army - England 2 Yugoslavia 0 (On-U Sound)

**** MP3 **** currently available from b00mb0x

Here's what the maestro Swampmaster said about it on the Lemon Jelly forum:

.....this izza updated version ov mix from 2yrs back. iv added a coupla trax, some extra “goals” bitz & a few other tweaks here & there. cheerz to ted fer cover.

fer maximum listening experience:
1. play loud
2. start play 67mins b4 eng-er-land kick off time (or any game yr interested in really, but obviously particularly relevant fer eng-er-land matches, hehe)
3. dredge out every future footy tournament (particularly good in werld cup) and repeat…

this mix started life in 1998 during the world cup in france. i woz guesting bi-weekly onna local radio station, crash fm, where me mate woz presenting nitely evening prog. it woz kinda interestin whether i actually had enuff footy rekkids to make a decent slot. it woz more ovva sequence ov rekkids back then. altho iv kept to original traxlist (almost) itz actually a mix now.

during last world cup, japan 2002, i really enjoyed spinnin all versions/mixes ov “werld in motion” b4 eng-er-land matches. so, i decided to try & meld togever 3 versions: “original”, “carabinieri mix”, “no alla violenza mix”. in original selection it woz jus 1st 2. anywayz, it turned into a 15min megamix, phew! sumfin i aint tried b4.


Clint Iguana said...

Nice blog dude, why not vist my corporatebollox site and give me money.... Ha, some people have nothing to do obviously......

Anyway...this looks cool, have a quite a few of these tracks, but the others look cool as well. Can't download it though, there seem to be restrictions, you have to register and i cannot work out how to do that!

No matter, the fact that it has prompted me to dust off me old Depth charge stuff has made it worth while. Irvine Welsh and Primal Scream.... completely forgotten about that one!

What it really needs is 'this is the cardiff city sound' by the blue beats, not to mention 'do the ayatolah' by Simon Baylis.

keep up the good work my man

Clint Iguana said...

tis now duly downloaded and sorted, thanx for the technical advice....oh, and thanks for the link as well, just noticed.

Propper fixtures to be announced on 22nd, can't wait.

Off out to get me Sweeden shirt now!

Clint Iguana said...

Nice one dude, thanx for the technical advice, it is now duly downloaded.

Propper fixtures to be announced on 22nd june, can't wait.

Off out to buy me a Sweeden shirt tomorrow!

Clint Iguana said...

a ha..... was wondering why me comments were not appearing... censorship now eh! that will be the muppets advertising on here no doubt!