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  • :MP3: Xmas Mix 2004/5
  • Cover : Front
  • Cover : Back


    Something I patched together last year - playing it again so thought I'd post it!
    Happy crimbo all - I'm AWOL until early 2006

    Have a merry one!

    SHED DUB CORNER (5) ::: Bim Sherman - African Rubber Dub

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    Another dubplate I don't know much about from the late Bim Sherman - the album isn't listed on Discogs or Roots Archives - but that isn't to say it's rare I found it on eBay but the postage rates from Honolulu, Hawaii might be a tad expensive!

    To this day I can't work out if this is more filler than killer - see what you think - kind of reminds me of those parties in the eighties where there would always be somebody playing the congas with the music in the corner !!!!

    Bim Sherman - African Rubber Dub
    RDL Records / RDL 800
    Record date : 1987

    A1...Golden Dub
    A2...Mellow Dub
    A3...Sweet Corn Dub
    A4...Rubber Dub
    A5...Zion Dub

    B1...Party Dub
    B2...Mellow Dub
    B3...Sweet Corn Dub
    B4...Rubber Dub
    B5...Zion Dub

  • :MP3: Side A
  • :MP3: Side B

  • Mixed by King Tubby, Prince Jammy and Adrian Sherwood.

    Musicians: Style Scott, Bingy Bunny, Bim Sherman, vin Gordon, Sly, Robby, Gladiators, Roots Radics, and more!

    SHED DUB CORNER (4) ::: Ranking Dread - Ranking Dread In Dub

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    I bought this album for a quid at Bermondsey Market, South London over twenty years ago! Played it lots but knew very little of its origins until it got re-released this year courtesy of its original label, which is based in Stamford, Connecticut, of all places, and is run by an unusual man who goes by the name of “Silver Camel" !

    *** A bit scratchy in places but like it says on eBay - doesn't effect the play!

    Ranking Dread - Ranking Dread In Dub
    Silver Camel LP #SCLP 002
    Record date : 1982

    ***Side A with Sly & Robbie , mix by King Tubby

    A1...Bom Dub
    A2...No More Waiting
    A3...Dub Land
    A4...Jump Up Dub
    A5...Jah Dub

    ***Side B with Roots Radics , mix by Scientist

    B1...Give Them Dub
    B2...Dub It Star
    B3...19000 Dub
    B4...Yes Yes Yes Dub
    B5...Dub It On Yah

  • :MP3: Side A
  • :MP3: Side B

  • Producer : Ranking Dread

    Mixing Engineer : King Tubby & Scientist

    Backing Band : The Roots Radics
    Drums : Sly Dunbar
    Bass : Robbie Shakespeare

    Studios :
    Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA)
    Overdubs Recording : Black Star (London, UK)

    Reviewed by Sam Sweet
  • Stop Smiling Magazine

  • Although this underheard album comes from a year (1982) from which dub purists often shy, it is perfectly split between two of the idiom’s most-revered giants—King Tubby, the premier dub practitioner of the golden age, mans side one, with rhythms by Sly and Robbie, while the King’s foremost apprentice, Scientist (only 22 at the time of this release, already with seven years of experience under his belt), mans side two, with rhythms by Roots Radics. Right brain, left brain; East, West—whatever your analogy, the even split between these two closely related mixers lends itself to deeper interpretation.

    Despite the vintage on these releases, the music doesn’t display the digi-dancehall feel you’d expect given the year, although it doesn’t sound entirely like ‘70s butter either. Scientist takes a moment from battling Pac-Man, Space Invaders, the Vampires and others to bring the more conventional of the two sides. Mixing is never less than mighty and sophisticated, though. “19000 Dub” leaves Ranking Dread bibble-babbling over the barrel-spare echo of a drum kit and some hovering bass. “Dub It Star” drops out for breaks of gurgling organ-guitar fills. The closing two tracks “Yes Yes Yes Dub” and “Dub It On Yah” are lean and fierce; like tougher, meaner cousins of the mixes these same rhythms got back in the 1970s.

    As good as the Scientist side is here, the real draw is Tubby’s mixes, particularly track one, “Bom Dub.” Although dub had always flirted with dissonance, Tubby brings a bass and keyboard figure together on “Bom Dub” that sound like metal rubbing metal. The trademark sound of this mix is the phaser effect Tubby devised for the keyboard; it’s soaked in a phaser effect that makes it sound metallic and squeaky. There’s no telling what electronic guts Tubby’s hands were massaging to get this sound from a machine in 1982. He reworked all his electronics himself. “Bom Dub” is what punk dub sounds like. It’s a little like Metal Box, only more warped, because Tubby doing punk dub is stranger than punks doing dub.

    In my view, Tubby pushed his experimentation further in the ‘80s, continually challenging himself and reassessing his technique; considering the sonic architectures he’d already completed by 1982, it is astounding that he was still drawing entirely new blueprints in the 1980s. More of his work from this period needs to be reissued.

    Although it was recorded in Jamaica by the pre-eminent 1970s Jamaican bands, there is something cold and lonely in these tracks. Even though they don’t feel as exiled and wintry as Bullwackie’s Bronx mixes, all the sounds and tones here have an isolated, chilly air on them. It’s a bareness, a bleakness, not found in dubs from the 1970s, or in those contemporary to this album’s release.

    In Julien Temple’s The Filth and the Fury, reggae fanatic John Lydon tells stories of driving across a strange America in a big bus on a doomed tour in the middle of January, looking out the windows with his headphones on; this is the kind of music you imagine him listening to.

    THE SHED BOOGIE GUEST MIX (4) ::::: BEATONIC @ Radio Magnetic

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    >>> Another guest mix by Mr Beatonic done for one of the shows on

    >>> More top tunes .....bung it on your iPod, stick on your headphones and get that christmas shopping out of the way!

  • Tracklisting below - enjoy!

    (03) FK1000 – 'TOOTS' (WHITE)
    (06) MAGA BO & LUCIO K feat PIVETI – 'E PRA VALER' (CDr)
    (09) DR K – 'SONG 4 RIO' (CDr)
    (11) UNKNOWN – 'BIG MAN' (WHITE)

  • Radio Magnetic
  • SHED DUB CORNER (3) ::: Blackboard Jungle Dub

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    "Calling the meek and the humble..."
    One of the first dub albums to be released, and one of Scratch's finest moments.
    *** This is all killer no filler!
    *** A bit late with the Dub Corner - the winter freeze hit the shed this week - any tips on storage heaters anyone ?!

    Blackboard Jungle Dub - The Upsetters
    Clocktower LP #CTLP 0115
    Record date : 1973

    A1...Blackboard Jungle Dub Ver.1
    A2...Rubba Rubba Words
    A3...Cloak & Dagger Ver.3
    A4...Dub From Africa
    A5...Dreamland Dubwise
    A6...Pop Goes The Dread Dub

    B1...Fever Grass Dub
    B2...Sinsemilla Kaya Dub
    B3...Moving Forward
    B4...Blackboard Jungle Dub Ver.2
    B5...Kasha Macka Dub
    B6...Setta Iration

  • :MP3: Side A
  • :MP3: Side B

  • Producer : Lee Perry

    Engineer : Lee Perry & King Tubby

    Backing Band : The Upsetters
    Drums : Tin Legs & Carlton Barrett & Anthony Benbow Cleary & Horsemouth Wallace
    Bass : Lloyd Parks & Bagga Walker & Family Man
    Guitar : Alva Reggie Lewis & Tony Chin & Sangie Davis & Barrington Daley
    Piano : Gladdy Anderson & Tommy McCook
    Organ : Glen Adams & Winston Wright & Touter Harvey
    Trumpet : Bobby Ellis
    Trombone : Ron Wilson
    Percussions : Skully & Sticky & Lee Perry
    Melodica : Augustus Pablo

    Studios :
    Recording : Black Ark (Kingston, JA)
    Mixing : Black Ark (Kingston, JA)

    SHED BOOGIE TUNE OF THE WEEK (11) ::::: Ed Royal & Enne - Vamos Irmanos

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  • a1 : vamos irmanos
  • a2 : vamos irmanos (Parov stelar remix)
  • b1 : greetings to ...
  • b2 : greetings to ... (wicked lester remix)

  • *** After the success of the last IVR release "Different Strokes" which got position 17 at DCC (Deutsch Club Charts) and even one track was signed by BMW, Here is the new IVR four-tracker "Vamos Irmanos", ready to rock the clubs. For the remixes: the amazing Austrian newcomer 2005 Parov Stelar of Etage Noir Records and the Canadian funk dude Wicked Lester of Bigfoot-Records.

    A1: "Vamos Irmanos" is a funky-latin-breakbeat track with live played Percussion. The wahwah guitar, saxophone, hammond, dirty drums and latin vocals are guaranteeing a definite floorfiller.

    A2: Parov Stelar minimized the funk and out came a Funky-House Track which also guarantees a lot of movement on the dance floor.

    B1: The funky Guitar of is pushing the track extremely forward with the pumpin' bass and sharp horns doing the rest!

    B2: The Wicked Lester Remix is more like minimal breaks, quiet monotone, with lots of little gadgets and a bass line that makes your body move!

    (N.B. The above has all been translated from german !!!!!! Apologies if it doesn't make sense! )

  • Invision Records
  • SHED BOOGIE TUNES OF THE WEEK (10) ::::: Funky In The Middle - Nickodemus ::::: Jugoe - The Rust Belt EP

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  • A1::Funky in the Middle feat. Jay Rodriguez
  • A2::Funky In the Middle (Haaksman Remix)
  • B1::Crazy Stranger feat. Harel Shachal

  • Funky In The Middle / Crazy Stranger
    Nickodemus featuring Jay Rodriguez, Harel Shachal,
    Ticklah, and a remix by Haaksman + Haaksman

    WONDER-08 | 12" VINYL
    *** Funky in the Middle is a midtempo "Fela in the LES" groove that features Jay Rogriguez of the Groove Collective on sax & Victor Axelrod of Antibalas on clavinet. The remix by Haaksman & Haaksman drops into a steady reggae stepper groove & deepens it a notch. On the flipside, the critic's choice cut on the album, "Crazy Stranger," takes us on a 125 BPM trip from the Blakans to Jerusalem and beyond. Featured musician, Harel Shachal of the group Anistar brings in textures of Turkish flute, sax & melodica while Tortured Soul's Ethan White on the keys locks into the heavy rhythms.

  • Endangered Species : the solo debut album by Nickodemus
  • ++nickodemus++

  • A1::Ohio City
  • A2::Gooseme (Nickodemus + Zeb Remix)
  • A3::Devil Woman
  • B1::90 West
  • B2::90 West (Beatphreak Remix)
  • B3::90 West Detour Beats

  • Website MP3: 90 west
  • Website MP3: Devil Woman
  • Website MP3: Ohio City

  • Jugoe - The Rust Belt EP
    BJ-008 - 12" Vinyl

    Bastard Jazz Recordings is very proud to present our latest EP, coming from long-standing artist Jude Goergen (aka Jugoe), hailing from Cleveland, Ohio. The Rust Belt EP is a musical tribute to a gritty, industrial stretch of land in the North-Central and Northeast United States once known for its heavy industry and manufacturing plants. It's a part of the country that stretches from Detroit to Buffalo, and an area which is rapidly shrinking and rusting over with the advent of free trade and a global economy – it's an area that Jugoe knows best.

    Despite the despondency and starkness of this area, it's still a part of the country where the sun still shines and culture still thrives – and Jugoe manages to capture, and combine both the grit and the humanity of this area on The Rust Belt EP.

    Kicking off the EP is "Ohio City", named after the urban neighborhood Jugoe lives in. The joint starts off with deep dub vibes, breathy cut'n'paste flutes and a dense breakbeat at 103BPM, before exploding straight into huge Latin percussion and horns, and then skillfully weaves the dub and Latin sounds into one another. Next is "Devil Woman", a snug instrumental hip-hop joint, with chopped up guitar and vocal bits circa 1960's Americana AM radio.

    Onto the flip side, "90 West" is a hard-hitting track with an infectious bassline, organic chops + cuts skittering endlessly in the background, and a mid-song changeup to a mellow, Rhodes driven 4/4 sound. The "90 West Detour Beats" is strictly bonus breaks for DJs, taking the original in a bouncier, infectious direction.

    As always, Bastard Jazz brings the heat with the remixes. Wonderwheel Recordings & Turntables on the Hudson honcho Nickodemus teams up with our good friend Zeb of Organic Grooves/Irma Records to flip Jugoe's "Gooseme" (original forthcoming on Bastard Jazz) into a dubby, part-broken, part-afrobeat track that's a perfect DJ transition track from downtempo-into-broken-beat, and back again. UK artist Beatphreak, from Jack to Phono Records, brings "90 West" into strictly jazz bidness broken beat, with live keys and a live bassline – one for discerning dancefloors.

  • Jugoe
  • Bastard Jazz: Hear No Evil
  • SHED DUB CORNER (2) ::: Rockers Almighty Dub

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    From the sleeve: "...some of the hardest Roots Rockers Rhythm and mixed with Ghetto Dance Style in mind. The result, incredible sound and fantastic effects and Dubwise Like Dirt." Inspired by King Tubby and Lee Perry.
    *** More Great Stuff.

    Rockers Almighty Dub - The Aggrovators & The Revolutionaries
    Clocktower LP #CTLP 0102
    Record date : 1979

    A1...Rockers Almighty Dub - The Aggrovators
    *** Horace Andy's "Zion Gate"
    A2...Dunza Dub - The Aggrovators
    *** Horace Andy's "Money Money"
    A3...Storm And Lightning - The Revolutionaries
    *** Gregory Isaacs's "Storm"
    A4...Something Nice 'bout Da Dub - The Aggrovators
    *** Horace Andy's "Something's On Your Mind"
    A5...I And I Land - The Aggrovators
    *** John Holt's "No Man Is An Island"

    B1...Ten Pieces In One - The Aggrovators
    *** Johnny Clarke's "Ten To One"
    B2...Freedom Joy Dub - The Revolutionaries
    *** Dennis Brown's "Lately Girl"
    B3...Upful And Positive Dread - The Revolutionaries
    *** ??
    B4...Hold This Dub - The Aggrovators
    *** ??
    B5...21 Gun Salute To Brother Marcus - The Aggrovators
    *** Johnny Clarke's "Them Never Love Poor Marcus"

  • :MP3: Side A
  • :MP3: Side B

  • Mixing Engineer : Ossie Hibbert & Pat Kelly & Prince Douglas & Brad Osbourne
    Producer : Brad Osbourne

    Backing Band : The Revolutionaries & The Aggrovators
    Drums : Santa Davis & Sly Dunbar
    Bass : Family Man & Bagga Walker & Robbie Shakespeare
    Rhythm Guitar : Tony Chin & Family Man
    Organ : Ossie Hibbert
    Piano : Bernard Touter Harvey & Augustus Pablo

    Studios :
    Mixing : King Tubby's (Kingston, JA) & Joe Gibbs (Kingston, JA) & Wackie's (New York, USA)

    SHED BOOGIE TUNE OF THE WEEK (9) ::::: Whistler's Delight - DJ Riko

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  • Whistler's Delight (Full Version)[MP3, 7.9MB, 160kbps]
  • Whistler's Delight @
  • P-Funk Is Playing At My House @

  • *** DJ Riko is a plundering masher-upper cat from Columbus, Ohio who either doesn't have a day job or doesn't sleep 'cause he's mad prolific. For "Whistler's Delight" he pulls a crateful of whistled "riffs" from various songs, beginning with Peter Gabriel's "Games Without Frontiers," and takes us on a spotter's field trip to 'Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay' to Goldfrapp to Bowie's 'Golden Years'. Flip for dirty a P-Funk sampling tune featuring Katie Enlow and Gerald A on vocals.

  • DJ Riko Downloads
  • 3 hive

  • *** Big thanks to the Lemon jelly Forum peeps ("Whistlers Delight .......thread") where I got most of this info from!
  • Lemon jelly Forum

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  • Shuffle your booty + watch the video

  • *** A mate just finished the new goldie lookin' chain video - "R n B" - Dust of the old Air Jordans, grab that Nike shell suit and bling up!! :-)

    SHED BOOGIE TUNE OF THE WEEK (8) ::::: Who the fook is Alice? - Humankind (Beatonic Remix) - Alice Russell

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  • Who the fook is Alice? - Humankind (Beatonic Remix) - Alice Russell

  • *** Sorry this is a bit late this week - So to make up for it here's a stormin' drum & bossa bootleg from the Beatonic chap!


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    Saw this being sold on the old eBay with the quote... "I completely cleared the Clocktower / Brad's shop 3 years you will NOT find this LP anywhere...!!!!"

    *** I wanted an excuse to add "limited time" mp3's to my blog! So here we are for ONE WEEK only an item from the shed's vinyl vault!

    The massive 70's Dub LP from King Tubby. With Sly & Robbie, Santa Davis, Tommy McCook, to name a few. Rhythm Tracks by Bunny 'Striker' Lee.
    *** Great Stuff.

    King Of Dub - Various Artists
    Clocktower LP #CTLP 0101
    Record date : 1977-79

    *** Johnnie Clarke's "Fittest Of The Fittest" & "Blood Dunza"
    *** Delroy Wilson's "Miss Grace"
    *** Horace Andy's "Money Money" (Roots Of All Evil)
    *** Horace Andy's "You Are My Angel"
    *** Cornel Campbell's "Girl Of My Dreams".....with a MEGA REWIND.....!!!!!
    *** "Movie Star" + "Fancy Make Up"
    *** and a TUBBY'S cut to "STALAG 17"...!!!!

    King Of Dub - Various Artists
    Clocktower LP #CTLP 0101
    Record date : 1977-79

    A1...King Zion Dub (4:09)
    A2...Super Star Dub (3:14)
    A3...Graceful (3:14)
    A4...Rubba Dunza (Clock Tower Mix) (3:06)
    A5...Jah Angel Of Dub (Clock Tower Mix) (3:05)
    B1...Blood, Sweat & Dunza Dub (3:09)
    B2...King, Queen & Minstreal Dub (3:33)
    B3...Easy Dread & Check This Dub (2:49)
    B4...Fancy Up A Dub (3:42)
    B5...Stalac 80 Dubwise (3:13)

  • :MP3: Side A
  • :MP3: Side B

  • Producer : Brad Osbourne

    Drums : Sly Dunbar & Santa Davis
    Bass : Robbie Shakespeare & Fully Fullwood
    Lead Guitar : Chinna
    Organ : Wire Lindo & Winston Wright & Ossie Hibbert
    Piano : Ansel Collins
    Trumpet : Bobby Ellis
    Horns : Tommy McCook & Dirty Harry

    Studios :
    Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA)
    Mixing : King Tubby's (Kingston, JA) & Joe Gibbs (Kingston, JA) & Shep Recording (New York, USA)

    SHED BOOGIE TUNE OF THE WEEK (7) ::::: Baiano Vem Baiano Vai - DJ Farrapo & Yanez

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  • Baiano Vem Baiano Vai
  • A drum & bossa number due to be released by Afro Art as a 7" sometime next year. This is the original which is pretty close to the version that's getting released. On the flip side Paul Murphy is doing a dubby d'n'b version.

    *** Many thanks to Gordon from Beatonic for putting me on to this.

  • DJ FARRAPO @ Multiply
  • Beyond Jazz : OCTOBER TOP 20

  • DJ FARRAPO : 16 Toneladas Oktober 2005 : radioshow

  • SHED BOOGIE TUNE OF THE WEEK (6) ::::: Peak - Get Carter (Afro Art 7" AFR 030)

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    Roy Budd? Not that familiar? Well check the links below to Vilgilante and you’ll see jazz heads like Ben Mitchell, Russ Dewbury along with Glyn Bigga Bush’s mates The Bobby Hughes Experience are fans. In fact, Bigga plays a pivotal role in the story role as to how three lads get to release the next single on Afro Art.

    And the story goes like this: a bunch of guys get watching a DVD of the classic Michael Caine 60s gangster flick, Get Carter with the obligatory beers, fags and curries. When Jock (drums and artwork), Dan (Keyboards) and Dan (the other Dan on everything else) collectively known as Peak get to the studio, Jock confesses, “I can’t get that tune out of my head.”

    Jock was, of course, referring to the main theme of the film, ‘Carter takes a Train’. Caine at some point in the film has to go to Newcastle to sort out the bad guys. Forty years on and Peak get funkin’ like a train in the studio.

    So you get the picture, South meets North meets Brit Ekland and a young Michael in the iconic movie of the 60s with a groovin’ tune. The Engineer in the studio says, “I’ve been in the music biz since George Martin was a tea boy and that’s the best track I’ve heard all year.” Peak then run off with the master tapes thinking they’ve a hit on their hands.

    However, thoughts of getting on Top Of The Pops soon evaporate as the hardened A&R boys give it no hope of competing with boy bands, Pop Idols and the gangsta rappers of the top forty.

    On the flip side of town, tune collector and floorfiller DJ, Glyn ‘Bigga’ Bush overhears the track at the Recording Studio where it’s still a big favourite with the Engineer. Bigga gets his hands on copy to play out whereupon, there’s another twist of fate in the story.

    Afro Art boss and DJ Paul ‘Jazz Room’ Murphy joins Bigga at a headlining gig. Murphy finishes his set and relaxes at the bar. Glyn plays ‘Get Carter’ whereupon Paul rushes to the DJ booth to find out how he can get his hands on it himself. Glyn tells him the tale of the rejections Peak have had from the record company moguls. “How could anyone be so stupid as to not think this is worth releasing?” thinks Murphy and within a matter of weeks, Peak’s version of ‘Get Carter’ is nearly ready to spin with an Afro Art logo on it as a 7”.

    Murphy (as his is want and right) has suggested this release be filed under ‘an Afro Arthouse Movie production’. Well, in reality it’s more of a mass market approach as it’s popular. Popular in a good way of cover versions, for example, like the good jazzy-soul tracks on Sexteto Electrónico Moderno. Jock’s original problem of this being a head blocker of a tune is spot on. You don’t have to be a media studies student to recognise it. Especially with that harpsichord sound, some ‘Ah, Ahhhh’ backing vocals and a rockin’ drum and bass. It really works well and someone’s going to pick it up for TV theme music – think Randal & Hopkirk (not the remake) mixed up with the Tales of the unexpected theme. Ideal for goal of the month theme on Match Of The Day (more beer and curry required).

    The jazzhead breaks merchants can get down on the b-side when Murphy gives the drummer some and an Indian curry in a late night viewing. He’s not gone as psychedelic as you might think but there’s enough hallucinatory echo going on with a rock kit beat. Hey Jack, don’t pick a fight with Murphy. Heavy stuff.

    This is such a cool jazzin tune, hopefully full support could lead to a 12” remix with further indo-jazz influences, perhaps Roger Beaujolais could meet up with BiggaBush on a Mathar vibe Roots dub remix?

    The single will be worth getting for the cover alone, it’s enough to blow the bloody doors off your two smokin’ barrels. Jock is responsible [again] and you can see more of his work via the DCComics link below and at (this is one talented guy).

    ‘Get Carter’ (the film) came out in the middle of Caine’s peak of success between the mid-sixties to the mid-seventies along with The Ipcress File, Funeral In Berlin, The Man Who Would Be King, Zulu and Sleuth. Arguably, not so hot were Alfie and the Italian Job (although my first car was a Mini, great advertising). It’s extremely rare that a film remake is anywhere near close to the original version. The relatively recent versions of Alfie (Jude Law, Renée Taylor -2004) and The Italian Job (Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron - 2003) are two fine examples of film industry remake madness. So it’s no surprise that previews of the ‘Get Carter’ remake with Sylvester Stallone as Carter for Channel 5 (Weds, 9.00pm) are not good. Caine features in this remake, why?

    I’m going to watch it now just to see how bad it really is but back at Peak’s cover version of ‘Get Carter’, it’s in the vinyl shops and Internet sales sites very soon in full sixties stereo fashion. It’s goin’ to be big in the Jazz Rooms from Gateshead to the Balkans and could even surprise the charts.

    ‘Get Carter’ c/w ‘Get Carter’ (Paul Murphy Remix) (Afro Art) Cat. No. AFR 030, Format 7”. Release Date: Soon.

  • Listen : Soul Seduction
  • Afro Art Records
  • Fly : Global Music Culture
  • THE SHED BOOGIE GUEST MIX (3) ::::: ChaCha Rock! A Cuban mix from Miyoshi Satoshi

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    >>> Osaka's Miyoshi Satoshi aka Cubop is one of the world's great collectors and dealers of Cuban records. Here he offers an hour's worth of selections from the Cuban vaults. This is music you will hear nowhere else!

  • ChaCha Rock! A Cuban mix from Miyoshi Satoshi
  • Tracklisting below - enjoy!

    1. Cachao Y Su Combo-Oye Mitres Montuno
    2. Chucho Valdes-Mambo Influencado On Pano Forte
    3. Grupo De Expermentacion Sonora Del ICAIC-La Contradanza
    4. Los Amigos-La Patta
    5. Los Brio-El 4-5-6
    6. Mongo Santamaria-Cha Cha Rock
    7. Em Ilio Penalver-Mamboleate
    8. Guapacha-Cha Cha Bebop
    9. Margar Ita Royero Y Su Combo-Un Telegrama
    10. Merced Itas Valdes-Osa In
    11. Omara Portuondo-Ahora He Comprendo
    12. Chucho Valdes-Ch Iqu Ita
    13. Leo Rosa-S Is Itumbando Cana
    14. Seven Suarez-Consuelate
    15. Los Hermanos Bravo-Hasta Santiago a Pe Ie
    16. Alfons Wonneberg Y Su Grupo-Rico Pilon
    17. Car Idad Cuervo-Tambo Africano
    18. Chepin Y Su Orquesta Oriental-El Botellero
    19. Chucho Valdes-Guasabeando Voy
    20. En Nosotros-Dom Itla Donde Vas
    21. Gilberto Valdes-Mambo Tipico
    22. Hilario Duran-El Son De Victoria
    23. Los Van Van-Llegada
    24. Peruchin-El Siju
    25. Ramon Veloz Y Conjunto Sabor-Linda Guajira
    26. Guyun Y Su Grupo-Y Que Hay En Ti
    27. Merec Itas Valdes-Me Acostumbre A Estar
    28. Cachao-Cam Ina Fuan Pescao
    29. Chucho Valdes-Mabmao Influnciado Solo
    30. Frank Em Ilio-Danzas Afro Cubanas

  • Waxing Deep - Montreal
  • SHED BOOGIE TUNE OF THE WEEK (5) ::::: Breakbeatraer - Songs from (12" MPM 017)

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  • A-ko - Chessha23 [3:31]
  • Hawkeye - Still Jivin' [4:33]
  • Dizzy Bull - Soul Connection (Bonus track) [4:32]
  • Hawkeye - Kicked In The Nuts (Bonus track) [5:25]

  • 12" taster from the forthcoming album Breakbeatraer - Songs from to be released in 2006. is a on-line community focusing on the crate digging aspect of hip hop culture. Founded in 1999 by Raj Mahal and located in Sellersville, PA, USA (a suburb of Philadelphia), the site is frequented by over 350,000 DJs, music producers, record collectors, and music lovers world wide each month.

    Active members include well-known collectors, djs, producers and musicians such as Paul Nice, Mr.Supreme, Soulman, Amir, Jake One, O-Dub, Monty Stark (Stark Reality), Cosmo Baker, DJ Day, Young Einstein (Ugly Duckling), Thes One (PUTS) discussing records, life and pop culture 24/7.

    In early 2005 Soul Strut teamed up with Melting Pot Music (MPM founder Olski is SS member #225) to release an album entirely made by board members.

    Hawkeye (Germany) is a DJ, producer and music journalist (Juice, Wax Poetics, Backspin). He is well-known as the long-time host of the hip-hop tv shows "Mixery Raw Deluxe" and "Supreme" on VIVA TV.

    A-ko (USA) is a 18 year old bedroom producer from Grimes, Iowa. He released his first 45 single "Soul '69" in January 2005 on MPM. He is still living with his parents and has a cult following in Japan.

  • A-KO SOUL69 / UNTITLED (7" MPM 012)
  • A-ko - Soul69 [2.49]
  • A-ko - Untitled [3.15]

  • Dizzy Bull (USA) is the king of easy listening breaks. His Kelis re-work "Welkshake" on the British Soundly Beaten label is legendary.

    Dizzy's "Soul Connection" and Hawkeye's "Kicked In The Nuts" are based on the same sample source and are only available on this 12".

    The cover artwork is done by board member Mike Davis who is also art director for US hip-hop label Rhymesayers.

    Over the years, the "Crate Digging Revealed" message board has become a tour-de-force for sample-based hip hop producers, launching the art in to a new stratosphere. The convergence of vinyl-hungry funk collectors, seasoned bedroom producers, and gigging hip hop DJs have made this once clandestine art form of digging for records into public knowledge, upping the ante for the sample-based producers of today.

    This has manifested in an insatiable appetite for discovering the rarest break, the dopest beat, the illest, most foreign loop commonly referred to as "breakbeatraer" by soul strut regulars. The 5 plus years of the forum's existence has amassed quite a catalogue of mind-blowing sample-based music showcased by members of the community. Here we pay tribute to these prolific unsung heroes by compiling the best of the best with the Soul Strut stamp of approval.

    This advance EP is just a taste of things to come with a full blown compilation to be released shortly featuring rising stars A-Ko, DCastillo, DAY, Hawkeye, Meaty Ogre, and many more.
    Raj, creator of - 9/12/05

  • Waxing Deep - Montreal
  • ++ BUY IT ! ++ (Piccadilly Records)
  • SHED BOOGIE TUNE OF THE WEEK (4) ::::: Opolopo : Theme From Hotspot (Sick Trumpet 7")

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  • Theme From Hotspot
  • Closed Circuit

  • The inaugural release on Phat Phil Cooper's new Sick Trumpet label is a must-have two track seven by Opolopo. Cunningly pressed on a 33rpm dinked 7" it contains two ace four minute plus tunes. "Theme From Hotspot" is a real funky number with a house foundation and a disco-funk heart. "Closed Circuit" is pure 70s exploitation flick title / action sequence, heavy on the wah wah and theremin effects with a cool melody.

    Hungarian born Swede, Peter Major, a.k.a Opolopo, has been immersed in soulful music since early childhood. Having a keyboard playing father with a respectable collection of jazz soul and fusion records laid out the obvious musical path. Artists like Herbie Hancock, Jeff Lorber, Earth Wind & Fire, Brecker Brothers, Bob James, George Duke, Quincy Jones, Chaka Khan, Gino Vannelli etc, started him off and are still major influences.

    As well as playing in various funk and fusion bands, Peter started experimenting with production and recording right from the start. Starting out with overdubbing on cassette decks with a Casio VL Tone toy keyboard, through proper synths and beat boxes to computers. The production side of things slowly took over as his music became more and more dance oriented - he couldn't resist the beats, bass and energy. However he found a lot of dance music rather tedious after the first eight bars. The combination of dance elements with rich soulful musical content was the way to go. When composing he tries to write and produce music he himself would buy. Most of it is danceable but never looses the jazz and soul element. It’s like Herbie Hancock once said in an interview: "As much as I kept trying to make it funk, it kept integrating with these jazz elements, so after a while I stopped fighting."

    After years of gigging with the band while perfecting production skills in the studio, it was time to approach the record labels. After few obscure releases he also drew the attention of the majors. The new millennium saw him doing soulful productions and remixes for Warner, Sony, Universal and BMG.

    The Opolopo debut album was released in Australia in 2003, summing up the various elements that had made up his musical universe to that point. Spanning from d'n'b through house to soul, the album received great reviews and was on heavy rotation on club oriented radio stations.

    Apart from working on material for a follow-up album, he's also involved in the live electronic jazz project Expansions. Fusing beats with laptops and live musicians while keeping everything loose and rearrangeable in real-time, focusing on the improvisational elements of jazz. The project has had some of Sweden's finest jazz musicians as guests and is currently brought to the studio for an upcoming album.

    There are also some talked about remixes floating around the internet - new takes on classic r'n'b tracks that has raised many eyebrows. This has led to the upcoming original 7" releases on Phat Phil Coopers new label Sick Trumpet.


    As the clubbing institutions of old begin to crumble and the relentless house beat slowly leaves the pop charts a new generation of clubbers are taking dance music back underground. Intimate venues, deeper sounds and close knit communities are taking over from super clubs, banging beats and big business. Here in Liverpool Sick Trumpet are spearheading the soulful dancefloor renaissance as they carve their own niche in the Capital of Culture’s revitalised music scene.

    Like minded souls Phat Phil Cooper, Steve Hodge and Phil Charnock run the night and reside behind the decks. Each member of the trio has an enviable track record in DJing and Sick Trumpet is the culmination of their vast experience. The music policy is wide open to reflect their broad tastes with previous guests having included fellow ‘eclectitians’ Rainer Truby, Jigsaw Music DJs, Diesler, Blackbeard, Landslide, Kelvin Brown and local heroes such as DJ Conrad and Sarah Sweeney. Deep house, disco, dancefloor-jazz, hip hop, broken beat and any other form of good soulful music could be heard. The great thing about a night at Sick Trumpet is not knowing what style of record you could hear next. A loyal core of regulars support the night, following it from the murky basement below a Kebab House in Liverpool where the adventure started through to its current home; the legendary raw dance space The Lemon Lounge. Each party seems to be better than the last and the Sick Trumpeters are always bowled over by the great response to the genre-defying sounds.

  • ++ BUY IT ! ++ (Piccadilly Records)
  • Bugz In The Atic : Message Board
  • Nightmares On Wax : Message Board
  • Circus Discussion Board
  • OUTLAR - Sick Trumpet
  • Phat Phil Cooper - Liverpool

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    >>> Another guest mix by Gordon from Beatonic done for the Edinburgh's Departure Lounge site!

    >>> Bung it on your iPod, stick on your headphones and ride off into the distance!
    >>> Again anyone interested in having a mix put on the guest spot please drop me a line!

  • Tracklisting below - enjoy!

    (01) Teenage DJ - 'I Was A Teenage DJ' (Disco Best)
    (02) M.F.O.S - 'El Padrino' (Freestyle)
    (03) Breakestra - 'Family Rap' (Ubiquity)
    (04) Johnny Habanero vs Smalltown DJs - 'Funtime' (Bigfoot Records)
    (05) Los Hermanos Latinos - 'Whistling Dub' (white)
    (06) Mamaluke - 'The Pant(Beatphreak Remix)' (Jack 2 Phono)
    (07) A.G.F.A - 'Tall Man' (Howlin' Records)
    (08) Kokolo - 'Mama Don't Want No Gun (Beatfanatic Mix)' (Freestyle)
    (09) Quantic & Nickodemus - 'Puerto Rico Pa Gozar' (Candela)
    (10) Javi P3Z Orquestra - 'Futbol-In (Broken Rumba Mix)' (HiTop)
    (11) Gerardo Frisina - 'Alborado' (Afro Art)
    (12) Beatconductor - 'Amanhanga' (Spicy)
    (13) Bossa Tripped Outro (cdr)

    Recorded in last few days!

  • Departure Lounge - Edinburgh
  • SHED BOOGIE TUNE OF THE WEEK (3) ::::: Quantic & Nickodemus feat. Tempo - Ritmo Tropical (Candela 12")

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  • Mi Swing es Tropical
  • Puerto Rico Pa Gozar

  • New York's finest, Nickodemus (Giant Step) hooked up with Quantic in San Juan for three days of music making with Tempo and The Candela Allstars, and here's the result: Two sides of horn-riffed Puerto Rican latino grooves given a twist by the US and UK producers. Both tracks also come with bonus beats versions if you're feeling inventive on the decks. Released and cultivated by Pablo Rodriguez of Candela Records and Candela Bar.

  • Nickodemus : discogs
  • ++ BUY IT ! ++ (Piccadilly Records)
  • SHED BOOGIE TUNE OF THE WEEK (2) ::::: Gerardo Frisina : Alborado / Congart (Afro Art - AFRO29 - 12")

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  • Alborado
  • Congart

  • Fresh from dropping the brilliant "The Gods Of The Yoruba" (ROTW 19/9/05), Schema's Gerardo Frisina drops some impossibly tasty latin-jazz sounds for Afro Art. Side one's "Alborado" is a hot percussive Latino stomper - just watch that dancefloor explode when the horns drop in!! Side two's "Congart" adds even more piano and percussion funk madness in a Descarga vein and is sure to keep that floor jam packed.

  • Gerardo Frisina : discogs
  • BUY IT! (Tunes)

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    >>> This months guest mix is by D.E.K Beatonic with their usual high standard of jazz/funk/roots infused music!
    >>> Just stick on your headphones and enjoy this fine bundle of little 7's, blatant booties and block rockin beatonic exclusives!
    >>> Anyone interested in having a mix put on the guest spot please drop me a line!

  • (Dont Ever) Let Me Take You On A Journey

    Tracklisting below - enjoy!

    (01) The Mohawks - The Champ (version)
    (02) Los Hermanos Latinos - Las Calenas Remix
    (03) Quantic & Nickodemus - Mi Swing Es Rico
    (04) Gumbo Ya Ya - Lastone-Twothewaterhole
    (05) Quantic Soul Orchestra - Pushin On (version)
    (06) Drumagick - Malandregem
    (06) Thunderball - Bam'n'Bass
    (07) Dancing Djedi - Body surfin (D&B mix)
    (08) D.I. - Bienvenida
    (09) The Katzenjammers - Cars
    (10) All Good Funk Alliance - Smooth Daddy
    (11) Super Cats & The Pharcyde - Girls Town
    (12) Prince Fatty - Nina's Dance
    (13) The TMGs - The Hatch
    (14) TJ Chill - C'mon
    (15) The Bamboos - Voodoo Doll
    (16) Brotherhood - The Monkey That Became President (part 1)
    (17) K Bonus - Pink Potatoes
    (18) Ye:Solar - Eggsample (Eva Be "Eggme" Remix)
    (19) Joyfull Noise - The Sophisticated Hippie
    (20) Thunderball - Rastarollarink

    Recorded 28.8.05


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    >>> Every 3/4 weeks I'm going to attempt to digitize one of my mixtapes from yesteryear for nostalgia!
    >>> In those days everything was done in 'real time' for each 45 minute side of the tape.
    >>> So it's basically a live recording!

  • Fanfare of Life
  • (Please note it has a quite intro!)

    Tracklisting below - enjoy!

    1. ‘Temple Invisible No.5’ - SOLARIS
    2. ‘White Walls’ - BANCO DE GAIA
    3. ‘Zion Gate’ - DREAD ZONE
    4. ‘Anthem’ - BLACK UHURU
    5. ‘Nemesis (Organic Mix)' - CHILDREN OF DUB
    6. ‘Sundance’ - SUN ELECTRIC
    7. GABRIELLE ROTH @ 'Alternatives' (St. James Church '94)
    8. ‘Kincajou’ - BANCO DE GAIA
    9. ‘Can You Feel the Force’ - THE REAL THING
    10. ‘China (Follow The Yellow Brick Road)’ - BANCO DE GAIA
    11. ‘The Hand of Contraband’ - UP, BUSTLE & OUT
    12. ‘Fight the Power’ - DREAD ZONE
    13. ‘Estelle’ - A MAN CALLED ADAM
    14. ‘Fanfare of Life’ - LEFTFIELD

    Recorded 05.95

    P.S. Dreadzone have just released (12th September 05) their 5th album
    'Once Upon A Time'

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  • 'Nice Weather For Elvis'

    Brilliant little mash-up put up on the Lemon Jelly Forum / "Lets make a virtual compilation..." thread. Taking Lemon Jelly's "Nice Weather For Ducks" and adding a bit of Elvis and Beatles!

  • Lemon Jelly Forum
  • New Horizon 64-95 Mash-Up
  • Get Your Bootleg On

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  • Hi there everyone - here's my walkabout soundtrack to the "awesome" Glastonbury - tunes for all my favourite areas!
    Listen to it ::: Download it - *** LET IT LOAD UP *** and then "Save as QuickTime Movie" - or use
  • iGetter

  • Tracklisting below - enjoy!

    1. Pyramid Stage: WHAT IS A PARTY? - MOOG
    2. Dance Tent: RAMBLIN' MORODER [Live 2005] - LEMON JELLY
    4. Tequila Holster Girl (on main drag):
    5. Saturday Headliner:
    6. Lost Vagueness: MAMBO CRAZE - DE PHAZZ
    7. Drumming Workshop in the Tipi Field:
    8. Babylon: MIFUNE - AME
    10. Bedouin Tent: ZOUK - T.KOLAI
    11. Skanky sound system in the Glade:
    12. Healing Field: MAKE THINGS RIGHT - LEMON JELLY
    13. Circus Field:
    14. Manic Organics Bonfire:
    15. Toilets: GRAND MASTER CLASH
    16. Sacred Space:
    17. Castle Cary Train Station: FUNKY NASSAU - ORGONE
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    A cut and paste job of my favourite festival !

  • Glastonbury Festival Notice Board

  • Read the comments about the video on the festival notice board

  • PLAY MP3: 'Pine Disaffected (DVD Mix)'

  • ***** By popular demand here is the tune from the video to play and download!

    S.A.T MP3 BLOGMIX 01

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  • S.A.T mp3blogmix 01

  • Hi there everyone - here's my first "mp3blogmix" - hopefully more on the way!
    Listen to it - tell me what you think!

  • iGetter
  • a handy little app for downloading files!

    Tracklisting below - enjoy!

    1. ‘Intro’
    2. ‘Chaquitos Jive’ - DEELA
    3. ‘Rockers Galore’ - BUTCH CASSIDY SOUND SYSTEM
    4. ‘Soul'69’ - A-KO
    5. ‘45,000$’ (Guapa Pasea) - GECKO TURNER
    6. ‘Funky Like A Train’ - EQUALS
    7. ‘It's Now Or Never’ - ELVIS
    8. ‘Doing My Own Thing’ - KID CREME feat. SHURAKANO
    9. ‘On & On’ (Summer In Sydney Remix)
    10. ‘Live & Let Die’ - BYRON LEE & THE DRAGONAIRES
    11.‘Macheal Jackson Remix 2’
    12. ‘Hear What I Say’ - BUTCH CASSIDY SOUND SYSTEM
    13. ‘Oscar Sulley’ - BUKOM MASHIE
    14. ‘La Ritournelle' (Beyond All Strategies ep) - SEB TELLIER
    15. ‘Be Humble’ - ZEB
    16. ‘Untitled’ - A-KO
    17. ‘Oxygen’ - WILLY MASON


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  • iTunes-BPM Inspector - 1.0.2
  • iTunes-BPM adds a simple floating window to iTunes that allows you to set the beats-per-minute value for the currently playing song by tapping along to the music.
  • MacTheRipper - 2.6.6
  • DVD ripper / extractor

    S.A.T Top Tunes for April

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    1. Side Effect : Always There [Fantasy Records]

    So famous is Incognito's acid jazzy "Always There" that most people assume it's their original. In fact, not only was it first recorded by Ronnie Laws by 1975 as a jazz instrumental, but the lyrics weren't even written until LA's Side Effect covered it in 1979! Here's your chance to own this blockbusting disco version on a proper Fantasy 12".
  • Always There sample

  • 2. Richie Havens : Going Back To My Roots (Danny Krivit Re-edit) [Elektra]

    As far as anthems go, the Richie Havens version of Lamont Dozier's "Going Back To My Roots" is up there with the best of 'em. Kicking off with the best pianos ever (as used on Italo-house classic FPI Project's "Rich In Paradise"), it develops into one of the most uplifting pieces of music ever recorded. A confirmed Balearic classic, no Moonboots set is complete without this encore. For this special US 12", Danny Krivit re-edits a previously remixed version of the song (a trick he's pulled previously with Earth, Wind & Fire), dispensing with the famous piano and much of the vocals in favour of a lowdown, dirty bass-fuelled, breakbeat groove that simply wipes out the dancefloor. Records like this don't come along very often...

  • Going Back To My Roots (Danny Krivit Re-edit) sample

  • 3. Sugarloaf Gangsters : Samba Swat [GAMM]

    It probably didn't take the Sugarloaf Gangsters long to come up with a name for their cheeky GAMM piece, as it's pretty self explanatory. Rhythm Heritage's horn funk classic "Theme From SWAT" is married to a boogie down samba rhythm for a Rio de Janerio flavoured slice of Blaxploitation. The B-side's "Samba Swatted" leaves the funk at home for a manic drum cut, with the compulsory sped-up, slowed-down sections.

  • Samba Swat sample

  • 4. The Gene Drayton Unit : Cake Shop / BB's Gonna Be Be [Discues Carmel]

    A second single from this London-based mod-funk outfit on their own Disques Carmel label. Both sides are rip-roaring 60s style swingers for the dancefloor, chock-full of brass, Hammond organ, flute etc.

  • Cake Shop sample

  • 5. Grand Master Clash : The Message Of Brixton [White Enemy]

    The second mash-up by the people behind the infamous White Enemy 7", merging The Clash's "Guns Of Brixton" with Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five's "The Message"!

  • The Message Of Brixton sample

  • 6. The Believers : Across The Track (Pt 1 & 2) [Brownstone]

    Originally pressed in a really small quantity and released as the first single on James Brown's new (at the time!) Brownstone imprint in 1971. Long sought after by DJs and collectors alike, original copies will set you back in the region of £300! "Across The Track" (nothing to do with the later Maceo tune) is a heavy funk instrumental, divided between sides A and B.

  • Across The Track sample

  • 7. Flow Dynamics : Live In The Mix / Better On Stage [Freestyle]

    Australian combo Flow Dynamics keep the party vibe going on this awesome Freestyle double header: Side A's "In The Mix" features James Brown sound-a-like singer Sunny Amorganda free forming over the infectious 70s style disco-funk backing, making for perfect dancefloor flavours. On the flip is the slower groover "Better On Stage" which has DJ Selekt cutting up a hip hop vocal sample into a horn-riffed groove. Both sides already have major support from Russ Dewbury, Adrian Gibson, Rob Luis, Gilles Peterson, Nik Weston, Jelly Jazz, Fort Knox Five, All Good Funk Alliance, Ninjatune's Solid Steel Radio, and Annie Mac (Radio 1).

  • Live In The Mix sample