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Saw this being sold on the old eBay with the quote... "I completely cleared the Clocktower / Brad's shop 3 years you will NOT find this LP anywhere...!!!!"

*** I wanted an excuse to add "limited time" mp3's to my blog! So here we are for ONE WEEK only an item from the shed's vinyl vault!

The massive 70's Dub LP from King Tubby. With Sly & Robbie, Santa Davis, Tommy McCook, to name a few. Rhythm Tracks by Bunny 'Striker' Lee.
*** Great Stuff.

King Of Dub - Various Artists
Clocktower LP #CTLP 0101
Record date : 1977-79

*** Johnnie Clarke's "Fittest Of The Fittest" & "Blood Dunza"
*** Delroy Wilson's "Miss Grace"
*** Horace Andy's "Money Money" (Roots Of All Evil)
*** Horace Andy's "You Are My Angel"
*** Cornel Campbell's "Girl Of My Dreams".....with a MEGA REWIND.....!!!!!
*** "Movie Star" + "Fancy Make Up"
*** and a TUBBY'S cut to "STALAG 17"...!!!!

King Of Dub - Various Artists
Clocktower LP #CTLP 0101
Record date : 1977-79

A1...King Zion Dub (4:09)
A2...Super Star Dub (3:14)
A3...Graceful (3:14)
A4...Rubba Dunza (Clock Tower Mix) (3:06)
A5...Jah Angel Of Dub (Clock Tower Mix) (3:05)
B1...Blood, Sweat & Dunza Dub (3:09)
B2...King, Queen & Minstreal Dub (3:33)
B3...Easy Dread & Check This Dub (2:49)
B4...Fancy Up A Dub (3:42)
B5...Stalac 80 Dubwise (3:13)

  • :MP3: Side A
  • :MP3: Side B

  • Producer : Brad Osbourne

    Drums : Sly Dunbar & Santa Davis
    Bass : Robbie Shakespeare & Fully Fullwood
    Lead Guitar : Chinna
    Organ : Wire Lindo & Winston Wright & Ossie Hibbert
    Piano : Ansel Collins
    Trumpet : Bobby Ellis
    Horns : Tommy McCook & Dirty Harry

    Studios :
    Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA)
    Mixing : King Tubby's (Kingston, JA) & Joe Gibbs (Kingston, JA) & Shep Recording (New York, USA)


    drfeelgoed said...

    Looks very interesting, downloading it right now!
    Any more Sly & Robbie dubs?

    S.A.T said...

    Stacks more!!! Lots of great feedback on various forums - so thinking of starting a dub corner at the boogie shed (!)

    Tomorrow should have 'Rockers Almighty Dub' another clocktower dubplate to download!

    Following that if peeps are still up for more - the original classic 'Blackboard Jungle Dub' by the Upsetters also on clocktower records should be digitized by then!

    P.S. Found out that side A cuts off - should have a new mp3 for that side to download that plays to the end tomorrow (mon).

    Cheers for now - SAT

    Anonymous said...

    could i get a download of KING OF DUB please.