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JStar & Dr Cat present Dub Zealand Bass Culture Music (2011)

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JStar & Dr Cat present Dub Zealand Bass Culture Music

01. The Black Seeds - Strugglers Dub 3:55
02. Dub Terminator - Big Up Riddim 4:02
03. Rhombus In Dub - Dem Only Know (Dem Only Dub Mix) 4:02
04. Unitone HiFi - Up To Eleven 4:00
05. The Red Eyes - Arms Over Jordan (Deep Fried Dub Remix) 5:51
06. International Observer - Popcorn (BDO Opium Den Remix) 6:40
07. Jefferson Belt - The Creeping Tings Of The Earth 4:16
08. Sola Rosa - Lady Love feat. Bajka (Richie Poe Instrumental Mix) 3:39
09. The Nomad - Give Some Dub 3:57
10. Knights Of The Dub Table - Sing It To Me (Tikidub Sings It-Tiki Taane Remix) 6:51
11. Sola Rosa - Haunted Out-Take (Interlude) 0:43
12. Pitch Black - South Of The Line 6:59
13. Katchafire - Collie Herb Man (Joost Langveld & Roger Perry Reactor Dub) 7:12
14. Jstar & Dr Cat - Blessing 4:21


Back to the old skool DUB LP... bigups to the Rastaman blog for this very laid back dubplate...


01 - Hot Iron Dub
02 - Dub Fever
03 - Electric Dub
04 - Uptown Dub
05 - U.F.O. Dub
06 - Jupiter Dub
07 - Cornation Street Dub
08 - Dulcimina Dub
09 - Street Vendor Dub
10 - Rich Man Poor Man

Produced By: L. BENT

MIX CD: Riddimentary: Diplo Selects Greensleeves (2011)

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Big thanks to MK for putting this on the shed's speakers today....

Riddimentary: Diplo Selects Greensleeves

01 Alpha & Omega - Who Is The Ruler 3:40

02 Hugh Mundell - Jacqueline 2:21

03 Tristan Palma - Joker Smoker 3:14
04 John Holt - Police In Helicopter 3:28

05 Barrington Levy - Eventide Fire A Disaster [edit] 2:44
06 Joe Gibbs - Satta Amassa Gana Version 3:03
07 Rankin Dread - Fattie Boom Boom 2:00
08 Eek-A-Mou 2:00
08 Eek-A-Mouse - Anarexol 3:15

09 Lone Ranger - Gunshot Mek Daughter Drop 3:35
10 Clint Eastwood & General Saint - Sweet Sweet Matilda 3:39

11 Prince Jammy - Interface 2:50

12 Gregory Isaacs - Night Nurse 3:23

13 JC Lodge - Telephone Love 1:48

14 Johnny Osbourne - Water Pumping 1:45

15 Prince Far I - Survival 5:02

"Experimentalist music producer and remix mastermind Diplo teams up with Greensleeves Records to remix, reload and re-release some of Reggae’s greatest classics on Riddimentary – Diplo Selects Greensleeves. This 15-track compilation will bring selected Reggae anthems to new ears as Diplo infuses his unique genre-bending flavor into the mix. Known for his electronic dub musical styling and as one-half of world renowned production team Major Lazer, Thomas Wesley Pentz aka Diplo lends his eclectic ear and considerable talents as a Reggae selector to Riddimentary. The continuous blended mix covers over 20 years of revoluntionary Jamaican and UK hits from the top producers in Dub, Reggae and Dancehall from the 1980s and 1990s. The retro flavor and historical context of these selections shine a light on Diplo's production influences and expert knowledge of the Reggae genre. Choosing anthems such as "Night Nurse" by Gregory Isaacs, "Police In Helicopter" by John Holt, "Telephone Love" by J.C. Lodge and "Anarexol" by Eek-A-Mouse, Riddimentary sees Diplo not only selecting through the Greensleeves catalog but also placing his imprint on its legacy." GLEENSLEEVES BLOG

Israelites (Freear Remix) - Desmond Dekker (1968/2011)

Reggae Britannia and more on BBC4 this weekend...

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Just making sure I set my HD recorder....

Friday 11th February 21:00–22:30

Reggae Britannia
Documentary looking at reggae's influence on British music and society since the 1960s.

BBC Four Sessions - Reggae Britannia
Live concert featuring Big Youth, Ken Boothe, Neville Staple, Ali Campbell and others.

The Old Grey Whistle Test
Reggae Concert from the Edinburgh Festival
The Cimarons, Winston Groovy, Dennis Alcapone, the Marvels, Nicky Thomas and the Pioneers.


Saturday 12th February 00:45–01:30
Rock Goes to College - The Specials
The Specials perform at the Colchester Institute in 1979, playing hits such as Gangsters.

Reggae Britannia
Documentary looking at reggae's influence on British music and society since the 1960s.

BBC Four Sessions - Reggae Britannia
Live concert featuring Big Youth, Ken Boothe, Neville Staple, Ali Campbell and others. (R)


Sunday 13th February 21:00–22:30
Rocksteady: The Roots of Reggae
Documentary chronicling the rocksteady era of Jamaican music, which led to reggae.

Storyville - Rise Up Reggae Star
Three young Jamaican reggae artists fight to rise up from obscurity and into history. (R)

Babylon (Franco Rosso 1980)
Drama about a young black man living Brixton in 1980 who fronts a dub sound system.

Reggae Britannia
Documentary looking at reggae's influence on British music and society since the 1960s.

BBC Four Sessions - Reggae Britannia
Live concert featuring Big Youth, Ken Boothe, Neville Staple, Ali Campbell and others. (R)

Dennis Bovell on BBC Breakfast
BBC press release
BBC Website - Reggae Britannia

Ancient Astronauts - Into Bass and Time (2011)

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As if by magic.......... [big ups to the excellent cuchyfritos blog for this one]

Ancient Astronauts - Into Bass and Time

01. Bass And Time 1:50
02. Still A Soldier 3:48
03. The Shining (feat. Azeem) 3:46
04. Impossible 2:00
05. Anti Pop Song 5:01
06. Don't Stop (feat. Raashan Ahmad) 4:01
07. Worldwide 4:05
08. Eternal Searching (feat. W. Ellington Felton) 3:55
09. Peace In The East (feat. Entropik) 4:37
10. Calvert Street Rock 3:32
11. Give It To You (feat. Monsoon) 4:51
12. Rocket Science 3:48
13. Last Night (feat. Akua Naru) 3:33
14. Bitter Hypnotic (feat. Phat Old Mamas) 5:25
15. Nocturne 3:53

Ranking Dread - Ranking Dread In Dub

I've noticed in my stats area that this post is getting a few hits this week and that my old links are dead..... can't remember where I uploaded the mp3's so here's another link I's got some great old skool dub effects on this one....

I bought this album for a quid at Bermondsey Market, South London over twenty years ago! Played it lots but knew very little of its origins until it got re-released this year courtesy of its original label, which is based in Stamford, Connecticut, of all places, and is run by an unusual man who goes by the name of “Silver Camel" !

*** A bit scratchy in places but like it says on eBay - doesn't effect the play!

Ranking Dread - Ranking Dread In Dub

***Side A with Sly & Robbie, mix by King Tubby

A1...Bom Dub

A2...No More Waiting

A3...Dub Land
A4...Jump Up Dub
A5...Jah Dub

***Side B with Roots Radics, mix by Scientist

B1...Give Them Dub

B2...Dub It Star

B3...19000 Dub

B4...Yes Yes Yes Dub
B5...Dub It On Yah

Producer : Ranking Dread
Engineer : King Tubby & Scientist

Backing Band : The Roots Radics
Drums : Sly Dunbar Bass : Robbie Shakespeare Studios : Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA)
Overdubs Recording : Black Star (London, UK)

Silver Camel LP #SCLP 002

Record date : 1982

Reviewed by Sam Sweet
  • Stop Smiling Magazine
  • Although this underheard album comes from a year (1982) from which dub purists often shy, it is perfectly split between two of the idiom’s most-revered giants—King Tubby, the premier dub practitioner of the golden age, mans side one, with rhythms by Sly and Robbie, while the King’s foremost apprentice, Scientist (only 22 at the time of this release, already with seven years of experience under his belt), mans side two, with rhythms by Roots Radics. Right brain, left brain; East, West—whatever your analogy, the even split between these two closely related mixers lends itself to deeper interpretation. Despite the vintage on these releases, the music doesn’t display the digi-dancehall feel you’d expect given the year, although it doesn’t sound entirely like ‘70s butter either. Scientist takes a moment from battling Pac-Man, Space Invaders, the Vampires and others to bring the more conventional of the two sides. Mixing is never less than mighty and sophisticated, though. “19000 Dub” leaves Ranking Dread bibble-babbling over the barrel-spare echo of a drum kit and some hovering bass. “Dub It Star” drops out for breaks of gurgling organ-guitar fills. The closing two tracks “Yes Yes Yes Dub” and “Dub It On Yah” are lean and fierce; like tougher, meaner cousins of the mixes these same rhythms got back in the 1970s. As good as the Scientist side is here, the real draw is Tubby’s mixes, particularly track one, “Bom Dub.” Although dub had always flirted with dissonance, Tubby brings a bass and keyboard figure together on “Bom Dub” that sound like metal rubbing metal. The trademark sound of this mix is the phaser effect Tubby devised for the keyboard; it’s soaked in a phaser effect that makes it sound metallic and squeaky. There’s no telling what electronic guts Tubby’s hands were massaging to get this sound from a machine in 1982. He reworked all his electronics himself. “Bom Dub” is what punk dub sounds like. It’s a little like Metal Box, only more warped, because Tubby doing punk dub is stranger than punks doing dub. In my view, Tubby pushed his experimentation further in the ‘80s, continually challenging himself and reassessing his technique; considering the sonic architectures he’d already completed by 1982, it is astounding that he was still drawing entirely new blueprints in the 1980s. More of his work from this period needs to be reissued. Although it was recorded in Jamaica by the pre-eminent 1970s Jamaican bands, there is something cold and lonely in these tracks. Even though they don’t feel as exiled and wintry as Bullwackie’s Bronx mixes, all the sounds and tones here have an isolated, chilly air on them. It’s a bareness, a bleakness, not found in dubs from the 1970s, or in those contemporary to this album’s release. In Julien Temple’s The Filth and the Fury, reggae fanatic John Lydon tells stories of driving across a strange America in a big bus on a doomed tour in the middle of January, looking out the windows with his headphones on; this is the kind of music you imagine him listening to.

    Happy Bob Marley Day!! Free Download of Duppy Conqueror (Fort Knox Five Remix) / S*A*T - Revolutionary Dreams (2007)

    Robert Nesta Marley was born at Nine Mile, Jamaica on February 6th, 1945.

    Every year his birthday is celebrated by music lovers around the world as Bob Marley Day. A few years ago, Fort Knox Five was selected to produce official Island Records commissioned remixes of Bob Marley. Today on the FK5 blog there's a link to a free download of FK5's remix of “Duppy Conqueror"....

    Back in 2007, this track appeared on one of my selections....

    Revolution Dreams ::: S*A*T

    (01) ‘can’t stop moving’ – sonny j
    (02) ‘and the living is easy (the dynamics mix)’ – the guts
    (03) ‘revolutionary dreams’ – zeb
    (04) ‘the way to exodus’ – bob marley vs lenny fontana (ben double m test mix)
    (05) ‘duppy conqueror (fort knox five remix)’ – bob marley
    (06) ‘radioactive’ – butch cassidy sound system
    (07) ‘purple haze’ – jazz k lipa
    (08) ‘the champions’ – bas lexter
    (09) ‘sexual healing’ – the hot 8 brass band
    (10) ’54b 2′ – mudd
    (11) ‘spanish reggae’ – dj disse
    (12) ‘sing it loud’ – flying fish
    (13) ‘air-express yourself tonight’ – phil collins (1991 orig. bootleg)
    (14) ‘vegetable square’ – smith & mudd
    (15) ‘a forest’ – nouvell vague
    (16) ‘decades’ – joy division
    (17) ‘reasons to be cheerful’ – ian dury
    (18) ‘if i could fly’ – flying fish

    1′ 13′ 32 ::: 101 MB ::: OCT ::: 2007

    MIX: BadboE RampFm Show 3 - Jan 24th 2011

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    BadboE RampFm Show 3 - Jan 24th 2011 by badboe

    BadboE - RampFM Show 3 - Aired on Jan 24th 2011

    01. Aretha Franklin - Rock Steady (Parker Remix) [Ghetto Funk]
    02. Jiggy Joe - Last Night a DJ Threw His Hands In The Air (BadboE Edit) [FunkyFlowJob - Free Download]
    03. GMF - Do (BadboE_Remix) [Sony Music Switzerland]
    04. BadboE - Unhooked Connection! [Coming Up on BigM]
    05. Stickybuds - Bass Now VIP [Free Stickybuds Tune]
    06. Featurecast - Sniper [Ghetto Funk - GFP001]
    07. Featurecast - Kick It [Ghetto Funk - GFP001]
    08. Breakbeat Junkie vs DJP - The Freak Hop Part 3 [BBP-031: Coming up on Breakbeat Paradise Recordings]
    09. Nick Fonkynson - I Don't Know [Boogie Boutigue - BBR001]
    10. MustBeat Crew - Get This Clear (BadboE Remix) [BBP-028: Coming up on Breakbeat Paradise Recordings]
    11. Stevie Wonder - I Wish (Qdup Remix) [Ghetto Funk]
    12. BackBeat SoundSystem - Old Friend Of Mine - Pimpsoul vs Hong Kong Ping Pong Remix [Free Pimpsoul Download]
    13. The Dancefloor Outlaws - Panda [Disco Message DC001]
    14. The CBs - The Finding (Featurecast Remix) [Jam City JCITY003D]
    15. Mooque & Pimpsoul - Keep Pounding [Bombstrikes Vol. 20]
    16. Funk Ferret - Get Back To Funk [Boogie Boutigue - BBR001]
    17. Philly Blunt - The Jam [Grits N Gravy GNG001]
    18. Jayl Funk - Funk Me Loose [Unreleased]
    19. Kool Hertz - Love Fuzz [Coming uo on Funk Weapons]
    20. The Beatles - The Word (The Captain Remix) [Ghetto Funk]
    21. Fort Knox Stet - Talking All That Sax [Free Relative Funk Download]
    22. James Brown - Shit James Says (Nick Thayer Remix) [Ghetto Funk]
    23. BadboE - Better Life [Free Track - Coming soon on]

    Released by: RampFM
    Release date: Jan 24, 2011

    MIX: Ancient Astronauts - Tales Of Tomorrow

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    Ancient Astronauts - Tales Of Tomorrow (DJ Mix) by Switchstance Recordings

    into bass and time _ dj _ mix

    01. kill emil meets mr tea - just isn´t there (cast-a-blast)
    02. ancient astronautsfeat. azeem - oblivion(pay the devil mix/esl music)
    03. qwel and maker - welcome to chicago (galapagos4 records)
    04. the beatstalkers - blitzkrieg dub (foot forward music)
    05. kabanjak - dub to go - (ancient astronauts remix/switchstance)
    06. the beatstalkers - heartcore (foot forward music)
    07. kabanjak - the hypnotic (esl music)
    08. tide - hooded horsemen (foot forward music)
    09. ancient astronauts - anti pop song (esl music)
    10. dj center -center´s groove (captain planet remix/bastard jazz)
    11. diesler - buzzin´ (unique)
    12. deela - mistura (switchstance)
    13. zero db -the snare (fluid ounce)
    14. dooza -cuban explosive (foot forward music)
    15. linton kwesi johnson - reality poem (island records)
    16. subatomic soundsystem feat. jahdan blakkamoore - real authentic vibes (subatomic sound)
    17. subatomic soundsystem feat. anthony b - can´t stop we from talk (subatomic sound)
    18. ancient astronauts feat. monsoon - give it to you(esl music)
    19. dooza - baby I like it raw (foot forward music)
    20. dj shepdog - witness the flava (nice up)
    21. ancient astronauts - rocket sience (esl music)

    I'm playing this a lot at the moment..... 'Worldwide', I think it's the first track from their upcoming album "Into Bass And Time". Out on 8th March via ESL Music. It's a FREE download.... enjoy!

    Ancient Astronauts - Worldwide by Switchstance Recordings