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MIX: Shining Steve – Best of 2010 - PART 2

As promised, here's the second half of Steve's excellent pre-new year mega-mix....

Shining Steve – Best of 2010 - PART 2

Part Two - House, Techno, Dubstep, UK Garage, Electronica, Psychedelia

19. Africa HiTech - How Does It Make You Feel?
20. Martyn ft. Spaceape - Is This Insanity? (Ben Klock mix)
21. Chew Lips - Karen (Analog People In A Digital World remix)
22. Crookers - Embrace The Martian Feat. Kid Cudi (Seiji VIP Remix)
23. Foamo - Jookie
24. DJ Zinc feat. Ms Dynamite - Wile Out (Club Mix)
25. Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip - Sick Tonight (Doctor P Remix)
26. C.R.S.T - Dial The Operator
27. Submerse & Resketch - Only
28. FaltyDL - Phreqaflex
29. James Fox - Put It Back (Ramadanman Refix)
30. Smith & Mighty - B-Line Fi Blow Feat Niji 40
31. Martyn - Hear Me (Zomby mix)
32. Pangaea - Why
33. Om Unit - Lavender
34. Modeselektor - VW Jetta
35. Komonazmuk - Dance Too
36. F - Energy Distortion
37. Silkie - Bass Junkie
38. Dubkasm Feat. Levi Roots & Afrikan Simba - Respek Ispek/Touch I Heart (Gatekeeper & 39. Appleblim Remix)
39. The Time And Space Machine - Path Through The Cathedral
40. MGMT - Congratulations

Second half of my show from Wednesday 29 December 2010.

The Revolutionaries - Dawn Of Creation (197X)

The Revolutionaries - Dawn Of Creation


A1. Dawn Creation

A2. Rockers Hop

A3. Leggo Dread

A4. Wailing Heart
A5. Iniquity Workers

B1. Star Wars
B2. Only Jah Jah

B3. Run Red

B4. Break Out
B5. Lambs Bread

Produced By: R. FRANCIS

Mixed By: BUNNY


Year: 197X

[Big thanks to the P.A. TO DA REGGAE BLOG for this one]

Israel Vibration - Same Song Dub Edition (1978)

Israel Vibration - Same Song Dub Edition

A1. The Same Song
A2. Weep & Mourn
A3. Walk the Street of Glory
A4. Ball of Fire
A5. I'll Go Through
B1. Why Worry
B2. Lift Up your Conscience
B3. Prophet has Arrise
B4. Jah Time Has Come
B5. Licks & Kicks

Produced by Tommy Cowan
Recorded at Channel One & Concert Studios
Engineers: Paul Davidson & Maxie
Bass: Robbie Shakespeare, Philip Fullwood, Mikey Star
Rhythm Guitar: Mikey Chung
Organ: Mikey Chung, Ansel Collins, Youth Bubbler
Piano: Mikey Chung, Augustus Pablo, Robert Lyn
Percussions: Sky Juice, Sydney Wolfe
Drums: Calvin McKenzie, Sly Dunbar, Max Edwards
Saxophone: Dean Frazer
Trombone: Nambo

In the late 1950's a polio epidemic hit Jamaica. Three of the many youths who fell victim to the disabling impact of the virus were Cecil Spence, Albert Craig and Lascelle Bulgin, later to be known respectively as "Skeleton", "Apple" and "Wiss". The boys formed a vocal trio whilst inmates of Kingston's Mona Heights Rehabilitation Centre, eventually becoming known collectively as ISRAEL VIBRATION.

As the doctrines of Rastafarian faith began to spread through the island of Jamaica the youthful trio fell under its influence and they began to grow dreadlocks - with the result that they were expelled from their 'caring institution'. For around the next five years they lived on the streets of Kingston, literally busking a living, until adopted by the Twelve Tribes of Israel organisation. Other Rastas had refused to work with them through the belief that Jah had caused their disability as some form of punishment for previous wrongdoings.

In 1977 the Twelve Tribes financed their first single release, "Why Worry". Recorded at the Treasure Isle Studio, the tune appeared as a 7" on the Orthodox label showing the trio as "Isreal Vibration" (sic) and the backing musicians as the Twelve Tribes Band. The song and its delivery were markedly in the cultural Rasta tradition - for reference check the early recordings of Burning Spear. The record was a success, and after appearing in talent contests the trio stepped up to become an in-demand item for live shows, supporting the likes of Dennis Brown, Inner Circle, Rita Marley etc. At this stage executive producer Tommy Cowan became interested and financed further recordings, notably "The Same Song" for his own Top Ranking imprint; the "b side" was a dub version "Jam This Jam". Musicians at the session for "The Same Song" single included the Lewis Brothers, Roger and Ian from Inner Circle, known at the time as Fatman Riddim Section.

Audiences at live performances were dumbfounded at the sight of three handicapped young men delivering Rastafari's righteous message via their own trademark - real time dubbed vocals - whilst joyously skanking away on their crutches!

In 1978 different versions of both "Why Worry" and "The Same Song" were recorded for the debut album which carried the title of the latter hit song and was released on Top Ranking in Jamaica and licensed via Harvest (EMI) in the UK. The set was acknowledged as an instant classic in London's then lucrative reggae market, there were even rumours of a replica pirate version on sale! The quality of the companion dub set, "Israel Tafari", helped to cement the roots reputation of Israel Vibration who had arrived on the scene when fans where on the look out for the next big vocal group in the lineage and tradition of the Wailers, Heptones, Wailing Souls, Mighty Diamonds etc. At the time "The Same Song" album seemed to sell forever!
[Steve Barker "On The Wire", BBC Radio Lancashire]

MIX: Bag of Badgers - Rafadelic

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"CUT THE FUNK" Funkafied presents a Bag of Badgers. Enjoy these twists and turns of beats, breaks, originals and remakes...

Bag of Badgers - Rafadelic

Bag of Badgers by Funkafied

01 Kid Kenobi - Breakers Revenge 2010 (Cut La Roc Remix)
02 Outlander - Vamp (Prins Thomas Diskomix)
03 Rephrase - Get Loose
04 Big Bang Breaks - No Americano
05 Spiller - Groovejet (Edit)
06 Gino Dentie - Movin
07 Telephunken - Latin Demon
08 Timothy Wisdom And The Outlier - Walkin On The Sun
09 Blade - Born To Rule
10 Thunderball Feat Rootz - Moon On The Rise
11 Niles Philips - Dirty & Divine (Feat Tonkin)
12 Negrocan - Superstition
13 Quincy Joints - Real (Omegaman Remix)
14 Sunlightsquare - I Believe In Miracles (Broken Party Animal Mix)
15 The Gaff - Bring The Noise (Gaffs Trampy Whatnaughts Mix)
16 Zamali - Get Up On Your Feet
17 Basement Freaks - The Booty Jam
18 Fort Knox Five - Dodge City Rock
19 Balkan Beat Box - Marcha De La Vida
20 Shemian - Der Besoffene Trompeter (Basemement Freaks Remix)
21 Drunken Jazz - Lalala
22 Feindrehstar - Arabikanana
23 Fedde Le Grand Feat Rob Birch - Wild & Raw
24 Rams Le Prince - We Love Happiness
25 Mr. Gone - Duke
26 Leon - Madfunk (Zamali Remix)
27 Hansi - Hot Pants Funk
28 Featurecast - Damm!
29 James Brown vs Beck - Tribute (Moule Vs Funkafied Edit)
30 Philly Blunt - Mashboy Crime
31 Featurecast - Fast Car
32 The Gaff - It's Called Afrobeat
33 Superslick - Backside Shaker
34 Trotter - Manero
35 Mashed Up Funk - Makkousa Dance
36 Harvey K-Tel - You Make Me Feel So Good
37 Phuture Motion - The Devil's Hand

Selected, Chopped And Mixed By Rafadelic.

The Beatles – Revolution (FK5 Video Remix)

More on the audio visual tip... here's an awesome animation and cool remix by the fab Fort Knox Five... 2011... summer for a revolution...

MIX: DJ Pain featuring King Megatrip – The Soothing System

Digging around trying to locate King Megatrip mix links and discovered I missed this last February (moving house etc.)... what a late night treat blinding mix...

DJ Pain featuring King Megatrip – The Soothing System
@ b00mb0x

Solid Steel Radio Show 12/2/2010 Part 3 + 4 - DJ Pain & King Megatrip by Ninja Tune & Big Dada

Embalmers – Fist Full Of Flap Jacks – Bop n Stomp Records
Jet Black Crayon – The Tree – Function8
Zillatron – Exterminate – Innerhythmic
Buddy Peace – Human Cadillac – Strange Famous Records
MHE – 009 – Unknown
Tenshun – Unknown – Skrapez
The Heliocentrics – Once Upon A Time – Now-Again Records
Joe Beats – That Aint Right – Good Foot Records
Redback – More Then Human – A.P.E. Records
Scott Matelic – Vaccine – Bully Records
Controller 7 – Unknown – Grey Carpet Records
Elektro 4 – Pause – Bully Records
Mr. Chop – Metropoli Del Ferro – Now-Again Records
Tenshun – Nihilizm 09 – Skrapez
Son Of A Bricklayer – Litarefni – Ground Floor Records
DJ Signify – Bollywood Babies – Bully Records
Oh No – Exp Out The Box – Stones Throw Records
Bumps – Nashira – Stones Throw Records
Maker – Elephant Strut – Bully Records
The Gaslamp Killer – Baiafro – Brainfeeder
Dreas – Nobody – Hear Drums
Controller 7 – Consumer – The Secret Life Of Sound
Paul Baillargeon – Harizap – Unknown
Ennio Morricone – Svolta Definitiva – RCA
Maker – Augusta 90B – Galapagos4
Mr. Chop – The Infinity Machine – Now-Again Records
Mat Young – Barn Burning – Project: Mooncircle
Tommy Guerrero – Molotov Telegram – Quannum
Shawn Lee – Organ Grinder – Ubiquity Records
Free The Robots – Clocks And Daggers – Obey Records

from the Solid Steel info — “Hour 2 has DJ Pain and Solid Steel brother King Megatrip with their ‘Soothing System’ mix, reviving that little known 1970s therapy technique. Buddy Peace, Gaslamp Killer and Mr Chop help them provide the treatment. But, are they doctors? Are they patients? Or are they patients, posing as doctors?! One thing is for certain… you don’t want to get caught after dark in their all-new House of Pain… Get Your Poe on…!”

'Cymatic Frequencies' an Audio Visual mix by DK

This stunning video mix was brought to my attention by King Megatrip over at his excellent blog.... watch & enjoy...

'Cymatic Frequencies' an Audio Visual mix by DK

Solid Steel Radio Show 21/1/2011 Part 1 + 2 - DK by Ninja Tune & Big Dada

Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo
Juice Aleem - First lesson (accapella)
Kidkanevil - The Floating World (Eliphino Remix)
Maddslinky - Special Featuring Omar (Toddla T Remix)
Ramadanman - WorkThem
Dreadsquad & Lady Chann - Money ah dem god (P-Era & FJH UK Funky Rmx)
Coldcut & Hexstatic - Timber (Seiji remix)
Bonobo - Eyesdown (Warrior One remix)
Thunderheist - Jerk it
Jammer - One over me
Hexstatic - Distorted minds (Zero dB remix)
Caribou - Sun (Altrice Remix)
James Blake - Limit to your love
Bassnectar - Cozza Frenzy (Bassnectar Mega-Bass Remix)
MJ Cole - Sincere (Nero remix)
George Lenton - Cold Rocker
Marco Del Horno v Swerve - Ho! Riddim ft. P-Money
Dyme Def - Do Something (Inst)
Gil Scott-Heron _ NY Is Killing Me (Jamie XX mix)
Coldcut - More Beats & Pieces (US of Audio remix)
Ghislain Poirier - Blazin' (Modeselektor remix)
The Bug - Poison dart
Alborosie - Kingston Town (Bassnectar remix)
Dead Prez & W.T.F. - It's Bigger Than Hip Hop UK
RackNRuin - Soundclash
Big Daddy Kane - Raw
Vent - Guilty
Eric B & Rakim - Follow the leader
Tom Central & Kaitain - Akama
Slim - It's in the mix
The Beatles - Come together (A.Skillz Remix)
Bassnectar - Basshead
Mistabishi - Printer Jam
DJ Vadim - The Terrorist (MIR Crew Remix)
ZINC - Wile Out (feat Ms Dynamite - DJ Marky remix)
James Brown - Sunny (Regrooved by Featurecast)
Andreya Triana - Lost Where I Belong (Flying Lotus Remix)

"We start where we ended the last AV mix with the anthemic 'Hyph Mngo' by Joy Orbison and a few choice words from Sun Ra. We continue in a future vein with the Eliphino Remix for Kidkanevil, Maddslinky given a Toddla T lick, and the heavy 'Work them' by Ramadanman.
It's a Ninja Trio and a Big Dada double, while James Blake floats over the Altrice remix of Caribou, before we turn up the bass to 11 for Bassnectar. The beats stay heavy as we skip through the Jamie XX remix for Gil Scott-Heron, an 'old skool' trio mixed with RackNRuin and Vent for extra dance floor punch, and it's a D n B finish with the DJ Marky remix of 'Wile Out' by Zinc, Sunny by James Brown tweaked by Featurecast and we end on the sublime Flying Lotus remix for Andreya Triana. Listen, Watch and Enjoy."

Mad Professor - The Dubs That Time Forgot (2008)

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Mad Professor - The Dubs That Time Forgot


01. Banjul Belly
02. Hungry Fraser dub
03. Zig Zag
04. Wollaf Dance
05. Invasion Dub
06. No Strange Men
07. Rasta Movement
08. Dub Heavy Weight
09. Nya Dub
10. Rocking Vibration
11. Malvina Song
12. Dread Dub
13. Rat Race Dub
14. Moses Dub
15. Slow & Deadly Dub
16. Solar Dub
17. 10 To Dub

MIX: Bass Culture At the Gates of Babylon - Dj Rich-Ears

Getting a new DUBSTA mix together (check out DUBSTA chapters 1, 2, 3 & 4) , in the meantime here's a chilled dub mix from Dj Rich-Ears....

Bass Culture At the Gates of Babylon (dubology01mix) by Rich-Ears productions

MIX: Bass Culture At the Gates of Babylon - Dj Rich-Ears

Once11 – A Long Beard On A Throne
Percy X vs Blood Sugar – 3 (Emissions 2) (remix by Weatherall & Harrow)
Mad Professor – Ankoko
Augustus Pablo – Frozen Dub
Bim Sherman – Just Can’t Stand It (remix by Youth
The Outsider Meets Jah Works – Headphone Spill
Amsterdam Klezmer Band – Pluk-a-Dub
Jah Woosh – Woodpecker Sound
Mad Professor – Dub Power
Haji Mike – Bless
Faithless & Dido – Dub Be Good To Me (Beats International/Fatboy Slim cover
King Jammy & Dry n Heavy – Rumble Dub
Dub Pistols Feat. Horace Andy – World Gone Crazy (MJ Cole Mix Re-Rubb
Webcam Hi-Fi – Live Consciously
Mr Scruff feat. Spikey T – Is It Worth It (Manasseh Dub
Orquesta Suprem - Bacunayagua (Space Dub Remix)
Asian Dub Foundation – Journey
Up, Bustle & Out – Utopian Skank
Manasseh Meets The Equalizer – Shining
Horace Andy meets the Mad Professor – Two Sides of Silence
Hugh Mundell – Let’s All Unite
King Tubby & The Aggrovators – Ruffer Version
Dani Ites – Word Of Jah
King Tubby & The Aggrovators – Jah Jah Jehovah Version
Manwel T – Rude and reckless mood
Dizzy Gillepsie - On The Sunny Side Of The Street (Bombay Dub Orchestra Remix)

The New Worck 328 of Dj Rich-Ears



A1. Dub In Paradise
A2. Gambling Dub
A3. Dub Out War
A4. Never Gonna Settle Dub
A5. Reggae Music Dub
B1. Tell Your Friends About Dub
B2. Herbs Tree Dub
B3. Prediction Dub
B4. Dub Down Here
B5. Why Dub ?

Arranger : Tradition & David Tyrone
Producer : David Tyrone
RCA (UK) PL 25169
Record date: 1978

STRICTY DUB WISE - Black Beard (1978)

Another one of my favourite old skool dub albums from Dennis Bovell ...

STRICTY DUB WISE - Black Beard (1978)

DOWNLOAD HERE [Password = klotser]

A1. Cut After Cut
A2. Rebel Chase
A3. Ites Of Dub
A4. River To Bank Rocking
A5. Tell Yuh So
B6. Strictly Dub
B7. Mint Ah Music
B8. Ska Be Doo Za
B9. Ah Weh

Mixing Engineer : Dennis Bovell, Mark Lusadi & Dave Hunter,
Recorded at: Gooseburry Studios (London, UK)
Record date: 1978

The Revolutionaries - Outlaw Dub (1979)

Here's more from the Revolutionaries, 79 Rock also features on BLOODY BOLD & RESOLUTE.....

The Revolutionaries - Outlaw Dub (1979)


A1 79 Rock
A2 Danger Rockers
A3 African Free Up
A4 Wicked Dub
A5 Dub I Dub
B1 Roots Man Dub
B2 Fisherman Style
B3 Freedom Dub
B4 Shockin' Rock
B5 Thompson Sound Incorporated

Producer: Linval Thompson
Backing Band: The Revolutionaries

Recording: Channel One (Kingston, JA)
Mixing: Channel One (Kingston, JA)

The Revolutionaries - Fatal Dub / Disco Dub 1978

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The Revolutionaries Ballistic 12 inch 1978

A1 Cardiac Arrest
A2 Heart Failure

B1 Rigor Mortis
B2 Post Mortem

Produced by Joe Joe Hoo Kim
Engineered by Ernest Hoo Kim

The Revolutionaries Island 12 inch 1978

A1 Head Ache
A2 Belly Ache

B1 Tooth Ache
B2 Heart Ache

Produced by Channel One


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The Head Gardener - The Garden of Dubby Delights Chapter 1 & 2

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A couple of dub mixes from the vaults of the Head Gardener.

I've really enjoyed both installments but for me the second chapter really does hit the D-spot... see what you think...

The Head Gardener - The Garden of Dubby Delights Chapter 1

1. Giddy Up - Stromba
2. Saturday Night Style - Mikey Dread
3. Paint Your Dub Red - Audio Active
4. Japanese Record - Dub Syndicate
5. Columbia Colly - Jah Lion
6. Di & Dodi Do Die - Cassette Boy
7. Black Sabbath Dub - Venetian Snares
8. Dubbing With Super Ape - Mad Prof & Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
9. First Name Unknown - Primal Scream
10. Babylon Ghost - Bill Laswell
11. Dungeon Of Dub - Wordsound I Powa
12. Iron Bar Dub - Linton Kweisi Johnson
13. Nice Dub - Redstripe
14. Dubbing With Herbs - Reggae On Top Allstars

The Head Gardener - The Garden of Dubby Delights Chapter 2

1. Into Battle - Sly & Robbie
2. Dr. Who - Dr. Pablo & Dub Syndicate
3. Chapter - African Dub Almighty
4. Props Man Style - Mikey Dread
5. Bass Flight - Wordsound I Powa
6. Commandment Of Drugs - Prince Far I
7. Special Guest - Gregory Isaacs
8. Operation Duppy Conqueror - Dubadelic
9. How Time Flies - Audio Active
10. Orderliness Godliness Discipline… - African Headcharge
11. Thunupa - Bill Laswell
12. Iii - Harris
13. Beat Alchemy - Excavation

Head Gardener @ Mixcloud
Head Gardener @ Twitter
Head Gardener @ MySpace

Aggrovators - Reggae Stones Dub [Abraham LP 1976]

Aggrovators - Reggae Stones Dub

1. Dread Dub
2. Head Of Dub
3. Forgive Me Dub
4. My Angel Dub
5. Sounds Of Dub
6. Rock Steady Dub
7. This Dub Is Ready
8. Nice Dub
9. Jennies Dub
10. Touch Of Dub
11. Missing You Dub
12. Dub Of Pain

Abraham LP # 1976
Record date : 1976

Producer : Brad Osbourne
Mixing Engineer: King Tubby

Backing Band: The Aggrovators
Drums: Santa Davis
Bass: Family Man & Robbie & Bagga Walker
Rhythm Guitar: Tony Chin
Piano: Augustus Pablo & Touter Harvey
Organ: Ossie Bongo & Augustus Pablo
Drums Programming: Sly

Mixing: King Tubby's (Kingston, JA) & Joe Gibbs (Kingston, JA)

The Revolutionaries - Musical Dub Attack Virgin PRE LP (1976)

The Revolutionaries - Musical Dub Attack

Dubs from I Roy's Musical Shark Attack (1976)
All tracks written by I Roy
Produced by Joseph Hoo Kim at Channel One
Backed by the Revolutionaries

Label : Virgin (UK)
Cat # : V2075

Side A: Semi Classical Natty Dread, Musical Shark Attack, Drum Sound, Is Love I Deal With, Social Development, Jamboree

Side B: Skyjuice And Festival Dumping, Run For Your Life, Tribute To Michael Holding, Everybody Ballin', Tribute To Marcus Garvey

Ghettofunk - Dangerscouse / The Icons Ghetto Funk Remixes

Inspired from the Ghetto Funk 'Icons' remix album (see below), Dangerscouse kick starts 2011 in wonderful style with six of their remixes with some good funky tunes to help you move your dancin' feet....

Ghettofunk - Dangerscouse


1. Stevie Wonder- I Wish (Qdup Remix)
2. DJ Czech- I Feel Sanctified
3. Red Hot Chill Peppers- Under The Bridge (DJ Pimpsoul & The Funkhunters Remix)
4. The Clash- Should I Stay Or Should I Go (DJ Wood Remix)
5. Simon & Garfunkel- Cecilia (Rock Drop Remix)
6. Peter Gabriel- Funkadelic Flashback (Stickybuds Remix)
7. Prince- Alphabet Street (DJP Remix)
8. Leftside Wobble- Grapevine Boogie
9. David Bowie- Let’s Dance (Goodgroove Remix)
10. Parris & Vanucci- Disco of Love
11. NERD – Hot N Fun (Instrumental)
12. The Bamboos ft Lyrics Born- Turn It Up (Accapella)
13. Wicked Lester- Heartbreaker
14. Omegaman- Hip Drop
15. The Beatles- The Word (The Captain Remix)
16. James Brown- Shit James Says (Nick Thayer Remix)
17. Funky Destination- Jamaican Rasta
18. Sesame Street Theme Tune- Ursula 1000 Remix

Here's the Ghetto Funk 'Icons' remix album....... nearly forgot to say that the Marley remix here also features on BLOODY BOLD & RESOLUTE.....

The Icons Ghetto Funk Remixes

1. Aretha Franklin - Rock Steady (Parker Remix)
2. Bob Marley - Get Up Stand Up (JPod Remix)
3. David Bowie - Let's Dance (Goodgroove Remix)
4. Frank Sinatra - My Way (The Dancefloor Outlaws Way)
5. Ike & Tina Turner - Nutbush City Limits (Hong Kong Ping Pong Remix)
6. James Brown - Shit James Says (Nick Thayer Remix)
7. Madonna - Music (Basement Freaks Icons Remix)
8. Peter Gabriel - Funkadelic Flashback (Stickybuds Remix)
9. Prince - Alphabet Street (DJP Remix)
10. Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Under The Bridge (Pimpsoul & The Funk Hunters Remix)
11. Stevie Wonder - I Wish (Qdup Remix)
12. The Beatles - The Word (The Captain Remix)
13. The Clash - Should I Stay (DJ Wood Remix)
14. Tom Jones - It's Not Unusual (Fort Knox Five Remix)

Ghetto Funk website
Ghetto Funk @ Soundcloud

DJ Parker - The Monkey Butler Did It Mix

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something a little different this Saturday night..... The third installment of DJ Parker's 'Did It' mix series...

DJ Parker - The Monkey Butler Did It Mix

The Monkey Butler Did It Mix by DJ Parker

The Monkey Butler- A Reminder
Parker- The Self Indulgent Intro
The Monkey Butler- Lays It Down
Parker- Hear Ya Say- Bombstrikes
Aretha Franklin- Rock Steady (Parker Remix)- Ghetto Funk
Vibes Squad- Aristocratic Static- Vibe Squad
Parker v P Zilla- Golden Sounds ft Conrad Watts (Acapella)- Goodgroove
Ashanti- Only You (Parker Re-fix)
George Benson- Give Me The Night (Parker Re-jig)
BBC Radio 4- Carolyn Quinn on PM
Kidda- Doo Whot ft Blak Twang (Acapella)- Skint
Ludacris- Stand Up (Parker Re-flip)
Opuio- Tender Wrinkle- Addictech
The Reckless Moment- Columbia
Cymande- Dove- Janus
B.I.G.- Can I Get Witcha- Bad Boy
Mr Scruff- Zen- Ninja
Eddie Bo & The Soul Finders- We're Doing It (The Thang Part 2)- Bo-Sound
Porn Theatre Ushers- Me & Him (Parker Re-hash)
Foreign Beggars- Shake It- Dented
The Monkey Butler- What A Treat
The Mohawks- Studio 69- KPM
The Doors- Soul Kitchen- Elektra
Missy Elliot- Pass That Dutch- Elektra
Parker v Fake Blood- Mars Needs Parker
Eric B & Rakim- Juice (Know The Ledge) (Parker Re-fiddle)
The Beekeepers- Queen Bee ft Mystro- Jalapeno
DJ Hero- Sub Sonic- Velcro City
Max Sedgley- Sound Boy ft Tor (Parker Remix)- Jalapeno
Max Sedgley- Sound Boy ft Tor (Acapella)- Jalapeno
Mumford & Sons- Lion Man (Parker- Re-do)
Muse- Knights of Cydonia (Parker's Fight The Bankers! Remix)
Joker & Ginz- Re-Up- Kapsize
BBC Radio 1- Mary Anne Hobs on Bristol Rise Up!
Parker- Say Goodnight ft Conrad Watts (Acapella)- Rocstar
Art Of Noise- Moments In Love (Parker Re-dub)
Parker v Black Sabbath- Iron Mandem
BBC Radio 1- Mary Anne Hobs on Bristol Rise Up!
Gramatik- Liquified- Cold Busted
Criminal Minds- Baptized By Dub- White House
Musical Youth- Pass The Dutchie- MCA
MC Duke- I'm Riffin (Acapella)- Music Of Life
Turntable Dubbers- I Say Yeah- Nice Up
The Cure- Love Cats- Sire
The Who- Baby Don't You Do It- Track
Sigma- Baltimore- Breakbeat Kaos
Rasco- Hip Hop Essentials (Acapella)- Pockets Linted Entertainment
Total Science- Redlines- Critical
Bcee & S.P.Y.- Is Anybody Out There- Spearhead
DJ C- Let It Billie- Scandal Bag
Stew Pot's- Pop Party- Warwick
DJ Shadow- Trench Battle Beat- Universal
Glenn Miller- Little Brown Jug- His Master's Voice
Missy Elliot- Get Your Freak On (Acapella)- Elektra
Dr Meaker- Double Bass- Flightcase
Dr Meaker- Double Bass (Acapella)- Flightcase
Neil Diamond- Cherry Cherry- Metronome
DJ Marky & XRS- LK- V Recordings
Chris Morris & Armando Innucci- On The Hour Series One Episode 3- Warp Records
Parker- Bogus Hocus Pocus
Eddie Hinton Interview
Led Zeppelin- Whole Lotta Love- Atlantic
Klute- Glue Sniffer (Keaton Remix)- Commercial Suicide
Charlie Whitehead- Let's Do It Again Parts 3 & 4- Ace
The Monkey Butler- One More
S.P.Y.- By Your Side- Spearhead
The Princess Bride- 20th Century Fox

Little Sound Boy - Various (1996)

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Various - Little Sound Boy


Label: VP Records
Catalog#: VPRL-1441
Country: US
Released: 1996

01. Little Sound Boy - Johnny Osbourne
02. Test The High Power - Ninjaman
03. Sound Boy Killing - Mega Banton
04. Mood To Kill A Sound - Jigsy King & Hopeton James
05. No Ice Cream Sound - Johnny Osbourne
06. No Threat - Cocoa Tea
07. Can't Cross The Border - Sugar Minott
08. Kill A Sound Boy - Future Trouble & Bounty Killer
09. Dust A Sound Boy - Super Beagle
10. Think A Big Sound - Ricky General
11. Ring The Alarm - Tenor Saw
12. Two Sounds - Barrington Levy
13. No Bother Dis Sound Boy - Shabba Ranks
14. My Sound Ah Murder - Jigsy King & Tony Curtis

Baroque Dub Mixtape Fourty [bdmx0040] Massive!

Because of the huge amount xmixes that had to be listened to during December I missed this....I've always been a big big fan of the Baroque Dub Mixtapes... and here's No. 40 ...enjoy!

Baroque Dub Mixtape Fourty [bdmx0040] Massive!

[01] Experimenthal Dubbing Sessions - Broke Mi Nekk (00:00)
[02] Army Of One - Revelation Dub (06:08)
[03] Dreadsquad - Screw Dem (version) (11:23)
[04] Perfect - Reggae Music (13:11)
[05] Nick Holder - Moments in Dub (16:03)
[06] Bdum Bdum Sound – The 7 Solution (19:05)
[07] Iration Steppas feat. Tena Stelin - Locks (22:34)
[08] Perfect - 10 Pound of Ganja (27:14)
[09] Burro Banton - Nah Drop Di Ting (30:48)
[10] Burro Banton - No Problem (34:17)
[11] Junior Cony - Originally Dub Mix 1 (37:24)
[12] Little John - Block Traffic (41:47)
[13] Freddie McKay - I'm A Free Man (45:19)
[14] Johnny Osbourne - Truth And Rights (47:52)
[15] Johnny Osbourne - Black Starliner (vocal) (50:30)
[16] Negus Roots meets the Mad Professor - Wicked Skank (54:08)
[17] Caliajah - Es El Tiempo (feat. Breda Ghatto)(58:17)
[18] Djosos Krost - Cover Me (feat. Little Tasha) (61:42)
[19] Yonderboi - Tameless (64:34)
[20] M. Ward - One Hundred Million Years (70:51)

We kick things off with a suitably chilled out track from Polish tech-dub netlabel Qunabu. It's been a while since I've included this kind of electronic dub on one of the mixtapes. Then Army Of One pick up the pace with a wonderful reworking of Horace Andy's Every Tongue Shall Tell.

Next up is the first of many selections from the Africa Beat label - I'm just loving the bouncy good vibes of their dancehall releases! The screw dem riddim here appears as an instrumental by Dreadsquad followed up by Perfect's take.

Then we're back to more traditional baroquedub vibes with Nick Holder's upfront UK steppers anthem followed neatly by a dubstep-ish offering by Bdum Bdum Sound. Regular listeners will be well aware of my loss of faith in the dubstep scene, but this track's got all the bassbin defying, floor shaking, head nodding fun I used to like in the genre. Top work!

Legends of the sound system, Iration Steppas represent with a classic conscious lyrical outing. At a time when many are thinking about their New Year's resolutions, it's a timely reminder that dreads is an attitude not a fashion. Be it, live it - it ain't about what you look like but about who you are.

Perfect is up again with another riddim from Africa Beat, this one entitled Bad Boys 2009. I so wish I'd found this track a few months ago before my set at Shambala's Roots Yard - this one's made for blasting across fields of tents at a festival! :) Burro Banton jumps on the riddim without dropping a beat before switching to the Cherry Pie Riddim with No problem. This is dancehall as party music rather than gangster slackness. As it should be!

Junior Cony was a relatively recent discovery for me. I can't recommend his blend of upfront dance dynamics and big dubs enough! This one grooves and powers along before propelling us into Little John's floor pleaser. After what some purists might find a little too mainstream it's time to get back to some classic roots with Freddie McKay's timeless sermon and a perfect Johnny Osbourne double. You might say that they don't make 'em like that any more but the Mad Professor's mix of assorted Negus Roots backing tracks is a great example of the next generation taking on the reggae mantle and reinventing it in exemplary style.

I couldn't end this 40th anniversary selection without a nod back to the global perspective and world beats and breaks that have peppered previous compilations. What better example than Caliajah hip-hop/reggae crossover, or Djosos Krost's wonderfully funky MPC workout, followed by some chilled beats from Yonderboi?

We finish off with the ever prolific M. Ward whose She & Him duets with actress Zooey Deschanel, I'd particularly recommend to fans of 50s nostalgia. Here he wraps things up neatly with a nearly seasonal ditty. Here's to the next One Hundred Million Years...

BLACK MAGIC - Black Magic Dub (1980)

This has to be one of my all time favourite dub LP's....

BLACK MAGIC - Black Magic Dub (1980)

Form LP 1980
Recorded at Channel One

A1 Black Is Beautiful
A2 Sufferer's Song
A3 Black Magic
A4 Rastaman Ambition
A5 Roots

B6 Holy Zion
B7 Justice Fe I
B8 Black Phoenix
B9 Prophet A Come
B10 Jungle Dub

Prince Hammer - World War Dub part 1 (1979)

...more old skool dub...

Prince Hammer - World War Dub part 1 (1979)

1. King Selassie In Dub
2. Mussolini
3. Desert Rat Dub
4. Churchill
5. Hitler
6. Rooseveld
7. Kamikaze Dub
8. Field Marshall Montgomery
9. 'D' Day Dub
10. Dreadlocks Rebel Force

Produced by B Simpson
Arranged by Prince Hammer
Drums : Sly Dunbar
Bass : Errol Holt, Robbie Shakepseare
Rhythm Guitar : Bingy Bunny
Lead Guitar : Chinna
Piano : Bobby Kalphat
Organ : Ansell Collins
Percussion : Sticky, Skully

Label : Hitrun (UK)
Cat # : AP LP 9007


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2nd release by PANDA DUB named BLACK BAMBOO out on the net label Original Dub Gathering in 2010.


10 - AXION ESTI 3.0

Panda Dub - Black Bamboo
Label: Original Dub Gathering
Cat#: ODGP 022
Format: 10 x File, MP3 256kbps
Release Date: 11 Mar 2010
Genre: Electronic, Reggae
Style: Dub
cover art by aromatik

"As on his first publication, Panda Dub presents a dub which is influenced by various kind of musics. The main sound is based on a dub at the same time steppa and electro. We can say the electro-dub influence is more developed on this new production than his previous release. In end, the producer find the good balance between dub stepper and novo-dub. The novo side accentuated by the samples from Ethnic musics and some tones very electro.

So, a nice release of 10 tracks distributed for free under a Creative Commons license... don't hesitate to share it."

Soft Wasp - Blank Expression / Universal Killa

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Enjoying a couple of tracks on Carl Holt's (aka Soft Wasp) Soundcloud zone....



Version Big-Fi - Youth Man (ft. Darius)

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Bigging up the awesome Big-Fi....

Version Big-Fi - Youth Man (ft. Darius)

new Big-Fi single with their good friend Darius on vocals.

Released on Mystikal Roots available from Chemical-Records & Digital-Tunes (more to follow inc. itunes & Juno)

Track Listing:

1. Version Big-Fi - Youth Man (Featuring Darius) (3:13)
2. Version Big-Fi - Youth Dub (5:38)
3. Version Big-Fi - Mash Up The Nation (Featuring Darius) (3:43)

Catalogue No. MR001
Release Date: 10/01/11

Yah Congo Meets King Tubby & Professor At Dub Table (1995)

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More old skool dubplates....

Yah Congo Meets King Tubby & Professor At Dub Table (1995)

01 Nobody Knows My Troubles
02 What The World Wants Is Love
03 Lets Live In Love
04 Sound Boy Fights For Dub
05 Rock Me Tonight
06 King Tubby On The Corner
07 Having A Nightmare
08 Big Girl
09 Downtown Rock
10 Still In Pressure
11 Fire In Town
12 Give Thanks To Jah

"Yah Congo" was the Jamaican production company and label owned by Glen Darby in the '60s and '70s.

Reach Out International mostly focuses on '80s and '90s reggae and dub recordings, but occasionally, the label discovers some hidden treasures from the golden age of the '60s and '70s. YAH CONGO MEETS KING TUBBY AND PROFESSOR AT DUB TABLE is a fabulously entertaining example of such a discovery.

Yah Congo was a small Jamaican label and production company owned by Glen Darby, who produced most of the original 1974-1979 singles dubbed here. These rare or unreleased dub mixes find King Tubby at the top of his game, turning the 12 mellow, mid-tempo rhythms into heavily reverbed, echoey sonic landscapes where guitars and occasional snatches of vocals careen through the booming bass and rattling percussion. The last five dubs are by King Tubby's protege Professor, whose style owes much to his mentor's, adding only a greater taste for electronic effects to differentiate them. While not a revolutionary find, this is magnificent dub.

Recorded at Channel One Studios, Jamaica between 1974 and 1979.
Producer: Glen Darby
Personnel includes: King Tubby, Professor, Albert Griffiths, Dallimore Sutherland, Clinton Fearon.

The Definitive Collection of Federal Records (1964-1982)

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The Definitive Collection of Federal Records (1964-1982)

Disc 1 Take It Easy (1964-1972)

1 The Maytals – My Daily Bread

2 Eric (Monty) Morris – The Garden

3 Keith Lyn And Ken Lazarus – I Dont Love You Anymore

4 Granville Williams Orchestra – High Life Aka Happy Brass

5 Hopeton Lewis – Sounds And Pressure

6 The Tartans – Dance All Night

7 Hopeton Lewis – Take It Easy

8 The Paragons – Talking Love

9 The Gaylettes – Silent River (Runs Deep)

10 Lyn Taitt And The Jets – Napoleon Solo

11 Bob Andy – Games People Play

12 Techniques – Any Little Bit
13 Ken Lazarus – Pum Pum Ago Kill You

14 The Music Specialists – Dynamic Pressure

15 The Gaylettes – Son Of A Preacher Man

16 Ken Lazarus – Put Yourself In My Place

17 Bob Andy – Sun Shines For Me

18 John Holt – Stagger Lee

19 Boris Gardener – Its Nice To Be With You

20 Thunderbirds – Old Beirut

21 Ernie Smith – Pitta Patta

22 The Now Generation – Alone Again Naturally

Disc 2 Play De Music (1973-1982)

1 Johnny Nash – Oh What A Feeling

2 Funky Brown – This Song Will Last Forever

3 Boris Gardener – You Make Me Feel Brand New

4 Marcia Griffiths – Dont Want To Be Lonely

5 Ken Boothe And Lloyd Charmers – Everything I Own (Extended Edit)

6 Ken Boothe And BB Seaton – (It’s The Way) Nature Planned It

7 Derrick Harriot – Look Over Your Shoulder

8 Delroy Wilson – Im Still Waiting

9 Bob Andy – Fire Burning

10 Ernie Smith – Duppy Gun Man

11 Pluto Shervington – Ramgoat Liver

12 Tinga Stewart – Play De Music

13 Pluto Shervington – Dat

14 Marcia Griffiths – Sweet Bitter Love

15 Pluto Shervington – Your Honour

16 Lord Creator – Creation Medley

17 Wayne Wade – Lady

18 Lord Laro – Irie Tempo

This two-disc compilation covers the output of Federal Records from the mid-sixties through the early eighties. The label was founded by Kenneth Khouri in the early sixties. Khouri got his start in the 1950s cutting singles of mento records, and was on the front lines as ska exploded and then evolved into rocksteady, eventually settling into reggae.

The songs are arranged chronologically. Disc one starts out with the bright, raw sound of ska, including the Maytals' “My Daily Food” and Eric “Monty” Morris’s “In the Garden.” They are upbeat, energetic, and infectious, but they pale in comparison to the more sophisticated rocksteady songs. One of the first rocksteady songs recorded is included, Hopeton Lewis’s “Take It Easy.” One listen to that track and you’ll understand why a generation of Jamaicans abandoned the energetic but simple pulse of ska for the cooler, smoother rocksteady groove. Hopeton Lewis’s “Sounds and Pressure” is also on the disc, along with tracks by the Paragons and the Gaylettes.

One of the hallmarks of the Federal label was reggae remakes of pop tunes. There is a range of covers on this compilation, from Englebert Humperdink's “Talking Love,” to the Monkees’ “Its Nice To Be With You” to Dusty Springfield’s “Son of A Preacher Man.” Some of these covers, like the Gaylettes’ version of “Preacher Man,” are brilliant, but there are examples of pop songs that would have been better left alone. Gilbert O’Sullivan’s weepy “Alone Again Naturally” was anything but a natural fit for a reggae remake, as The Now Generations muzak version attests.

As the music changed from rocksteady to reggae, Federal’s output acquired a pop, cosmopolitan sheen. Disc two, which spans 1973-1982, is far from sufferah music. The polished production strips the songs of any danger, edge, or dread. This is reggae for dinner parties with polite society, music for red wine rather than spliffs. It’s still enjoyable, but is a marked contrast from other reggae producers of the era. This is definitely not the Black Ark.

High points include Ken Boothe and B.B. Seaton’s soul scorcher “(It’s the Way) Nature Planned It,” Delroy Wilson’s “I’m Still Waiting,” and Bob Andy’s “Fire Burning.” Other notable artists include Ernie Smith, Johnny Nash, and Marcia Griffiths. The album comes with excellent liner notes written by reggae historian Steve Barrow, and lots of photos from the era. All in all it’s a nice overview of a very fertile 18-year period of Jamaican musical history, and a good documentation of the Federal label’s contribution to that history.

Patrick Taylor