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Off The Wall Vol. 2 – Hidden Persuaders

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Here's a mix from one of the bmbx maestros.....

"Not a festive mix as such but a bit of fun for the holiday season.
..." HP

Off The Wall Vol. 2 – Hidden Persuaders (Download/Listen here)

Unisex Chip Shop – Bill Bailey
Liquidator – Harry J and the All Stars
Car park – Jonathan Whitehead
Voodoo Chile – The King
In the Portland Woodchamber – Clivester
Bedrock Rap - Bruce Springstone
Widdecombe Fair – Peter Wyngarde
Shatner Behaviour – Dublxero
Grand Mowgli Flash – Bingo Starr!
The Streets of Hotel California – Aggro 1 v Hidden Persuaders
Cheers theme – Juxtaposeur
Off to Pluto – Suns of Arqa
Push your hands up – Amstrad Gang
Body Wonder Wars – Celebrity Murder Party
Puppet Pecker – Pilchard
Hawaiian Krupa – Clivester
My Mind – Chubby Checker
Super Calibreakz – DJ No No
Goodbye Rocky – Go Home Productions
My Old Flame – Spike Jones
Stairway to Heaven - Beatnix

Final edit @ hp HQ 7 December 2008