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Bonobo - Live Sessions [EP] (2005)

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While waiting for b00mb0x to upload my new mix I found this on my travels - Bonobo's 2005 live ep, which had slipped me by even though I try and keep up with Simon Greens work. Big thanks to Ivanov Petrov Sidorov @ userfriendly for hosting the mp3's.

Press release:

Four Bonobo classics - 'Noctuary', 'Dismantling Frank', 'The Plug', and 'Nothing Owed', taken out of the laptop/sampler and reconstructed with live bass, drums, sax, keys, cello, guitars and electronics. 'Recurring' is a brand new studio track recorded on the fly in this session. The EP is rounded out by the very excellent and drummed-up Four Tet remix of 'Pick Up'.

1. Noctuary
2. Dismantling Frank
3. The Plug
4. Nothing Owed
5. Recurring
6. Pick Up (Four Tet mix edit)

Bonobo website
Bonobo @ MySpace
Bonobo @ Amazon
More music @ Userfriendly


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Hi there everyone - back from the half-term distractions!
Hopefully quite a few posts for you this week leading up to another S*A*T mix!

First up another fab podcast from the massive Stop That Train main man Papa Sparks.
Just caught up with this one - as ever a real DUBstar session - with the usually top selections!
And hell I just love the One Blood's version of William DeVaughan's "Be Thankful For What You've Got" Check it ooooout!


Cast Notes:
1. The Aggrovators - A Crabit Version
2. King Tubby & The Aggrovators - A Better Version
3. Prince Jazzbo - Crabwalking
4. Shorty the President - No Peace
5. Bunny lee - Let the Dub Go
6. One Blood - be thankful for what you've got
7. I Roy - London
8. Joe Gibbs - Majestic Dub
9. Big Youth - Dread Is Best
10. Aswad - Ghetto In The Sky
11. Revolutionary Dub Warriors - Dread (Adrian Sherwood Remix)
12. Ini Kamoze - Trouble You A Trouble Me
13. Mighty Diamonds - Stoned Out Of My Mind

54:07 Mins

96k Direct Download Here
192k Version Download Here

06 @ Stop That Train


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download (192kbps mp3) [89.8 MB]


[01] Cinema Dub Monks - The Barcelona Project (Part One) [edit] (00:00)
[02] Kora - Burning (06:40)
[03] South - Dub Remedies (Groove Corporation remix) (12:37)
[04] The Upsetters - Groovy Dub (16:35)
[05] Keith Rowe - Groovy Situation [edit] (19:55)
[06] Big Youth - Dubble Attack (21:23)
[07] Don Carlos - Nice Time / Late Night Blues (24:01)
[08] Seeed - Doctor's Darling Riddim (Instrumental) (31:18)
[09] The Impact All Stars - Maro (35:26)
[10] Alton Ellis - African Descendants (38:04)
[11] Dubmatix - Anywhere Dub (40:29)
[12] Faya Dub - Maethé (44:33)
[13] Mogwai - Tracy (Kid Loco Playing with the Young Team Mix) (48:46)
[14] Cornu - Youpi (Kid Loco Space Spaghetti Mix) (57:04)
[15] Fingathing - You Fly Me (62:24)

This weeks mix comes from Jerome Di Pietro living and working in Wellington, New Zealand. An excellent chilled out dubby mix - take a listen you wont be disappointed!

Check out Jerome's beautifully designed website baroquedub for more goodies.

(Music) Blog of the Week: Peppermint Iguana

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This blog is not exactly a music blog (even though there are some great links to some excellent music here!) but the 'back stage' to the PEPPERMINT IGUANA HQ. Lots of info and reviews on Gigs, Festivals, Parties, Cd's, Books, Protests, travels, photography and Cardiff City FC. The blogs run by the word-smith and maestro Clint Iguana. Clint has been been giving out recommendations for this blog and the music + mixes over the last year(s?) so it was about time to repay the man! Click on the link and see what's going on in the welsh valleys - much more than here in sleepy Cambridge!


This is what Clint says about PEPPERMINT IGUANA:

"It first sprung into life in 1995 as a 'collective', a gang of mates from the Blackwood area of the South Wales valleys, putting on gigs, publishing a fanzine and running a website. We were motivated by the fact we had to travel miles to see most of the bands we liked and there was virtually nowhere to read about the scene that we loved. Over the next few years the gang put on 20 or so gigs with a mixture of local bands and big names from the 'underground' music scene; such as Tofu Love Frogs, P.A.I.N., Inner Terrestrials, Citizen Fish, Headmix, Tarrantism, Dubmerge, Astralaisa, New Model Army; published 4 fanzines and went through several versions of the website. Not exactly prolific, but we had a laugh and brought a little bit of fun to to the valleys. Life took its toll though, births, deaths, marriages, divorces, new jobs, redundancies, moving houses, going back to college... we had it all within the crew. So here we are, 2007 and Peppermint Iguana is not quite a collective anymore, just a very small band of radical groovers still trying to let the world know that there is a revolution going on and it's got a cracking soundtrack. We have been busy of late though and a new and improved website should be hitting cyberspace early 2007"