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Bonobo - Live Sessions [EP] (2005)

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While waiting for b00mb0x to upload my new mix I found this on my travels - Bonobo's 2005 live ep, which had slipped me by even though I try and keep up with Simon Greens work. Big thanks to Ivanov Petrov Sidorov @ userfriendly for hosting the mp3's.

Press release:

Four Bonobo classics - 'Noctuary', 'Dismantling Frank', 'The Plug', and 'Nothing Owed', taken out of the laptop/sampler and reconstructed with live bass, drums, sax, keys, cello, guitars and electronics. 'Recurring' is a brand new studio track recorded on the fly in this session. The EP is rounded out by the very excellent and drummed-up Four Tet remix of 'Pick Up'.

1. Noctuary
2. Dismantling Frank
3. The Plug
4. Nothing Owed
5. Recurring
6. Pick Up (Four Tet mix edit)

Bonobo website
Bonobo @ MySpace
Bonobo @ Amazon
More music @ Userfriendly


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