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Turiya And Ramakrishna - Alice Coltrane

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Alice Coltrane -- Turiya and Ramakrishna appears on the album Ptah, the El Daoud. Alice Coltrane was an American jazz pianist, organist, harpist, ...

Alice Coltrane — harp, piano
Joe Henderson — alto flute, tenor saxophone
Pharoah Sanders — alto flute, tenor saxophone, bells
Ron Carter — bass
Ben Riley — drums

White Nile - Kelan Phil Cohran and Legacy

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"In 1993, shortly after the death of Herman Blount (Sun Ra), Phil Cohran and his band, Legacy, composed an inspired and inspiring tribute to his close friend and former mentor. As you may be aware, Cohran records are few and far between. Aside from the more recent reissue of his Zulu 45s collection, 'African Skies' is his first new record to be released since his 1969 Malcolm X memorial. This fact only serves to cement its lofty status as "a nuanced portrait of one of the most visionary musicians of our time...". Channelling the spirit of his cosmic brother, Cohran brings us closer to enlightenment through eight sublime songs glowing with reverent spirit and positive, utopian energies. Utterly amazing stuff, for your soul."

FROM THE LP: Kelan Phil Cohran and Legacy - African Skies (Captcha Records 2010) 

Kelan Phil Cohran - harp, frankiphone, trumpet, congas, violin uke, guitar and flute 
Oscar Brown III - regular and piccolo string bass (bow), flute
Malik Cohran - guitar, string bass and flute
Aquilla Sadalla - bass clarinet, guitar, flute and vocals
Josefe Marie Verna - classical harp, trombone and flute