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Again I haven't posted on here for absolutely ages.....summer holidays reducing me to old fashion dial-up and waiting for my little boy to arrive (12 days overdue as I write this!) to help me relax I've been cut+pasting some of the tracks that have been played a lot in the boogie-shed during the heat wave. I've even had time to mash up Mr BUSH with the classic 'Imagine' (Does that make ME a terrorist I wonder ?!) As with the last collection a selection of tropical beats with a splash of cold beers on the beach kind of chill out soundz ! Notably three recent tracks from the Idjut Boys new Cottage label.

The details....this mix is 68 minutes long and the file size is 78.9 MB

Tracklisting below - enjoy!


(01) 'Dark Days' Intro
(02) 'Four Hills' DJ DAY [MPM 2005]
(03) 'Sunshine Love' ELEKTRONS [PIAS 2006]
(04) 'Imagine (Bushwacked)'
(05) 'Sumthin Betta' BEATCONDUCTOR [GAMM 2006]
(06) 'Music & Science Lovers' LEE SCRATCH PERRY & DUB SYNDICATE [On-U Sounds 1987]
(07) 'Far I Have Come' ARSENAL feat. JELISHA ANDERSON [Cottage 2006]
(08) 'Manana Por La Manana (Acoustic Mix)' OREJA [Papa 2003]
(09) 'Scozejazi' IDJUT BOYS [Cottage 2006]
(10) 'On & On (Summer in Sydney Remix)' ERYKAH BADU
(11) 'Planet Earth (Make It Equal)' THE SOUL DISCIPLE / BEATFANATIC [Soundscape 2004]
(12) 'Puerto Rico Remix' LOS HERMANOS LATINOS [LHL 2005]
(13) 'The Garden' CUT CHEMIST [Warner 2006]
(14) '1987 Demo' A-KO
(15) 'Up Town Top Ranking' ALTHIA & DONNA [Lightning 1977]
(16) 'Loose Nuke Threat' J*S*T*A*R*S [Twentythree 2003]
(17) 'Ghost Biter' STEADY DIGGIN WORKSHOP [Carbon Imprints 2006]
(18) 'Seashell' SKYLAB [L'attitude Ltd 1994]
(19) 'Blue River' SMITH & MUDD [Cottage 2006]
(20) 'My Way' ELVIS [RCA 1977]

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