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What a shock - the legend + GODFATHER of Soul James Brown died yesterday.
This magic man opened the door to sound of funk and it's funky flavours.
I hope he teaches the old man upstairs how to dance !

Here's a couple of mp3's to give thanks to the main man:

Soulful Christmas - James Brown ***mp3***
(Jazzman :::
JM. 036 (JMXMAS. 001) ::: 2004)
Published by Unichappell Music Inc / Dynatone Publishing Company.
1968 UMG Recordings Inc.

The Payback Mix - James Brown ***mp3***
(Keep On Doing What You're Doing But Make It Funky)
Mixed by Matt Black & Jonathan More (Coldcut)
(PolyGram 1988)

Out in 1988 (18 years ago !) blending together some of his many great moments and has become the definitive and authorised mix of his greatest hits.
With the help of relative newcomers at the time, Matt Black & Jonathan More, later to become the awesome Coldcut, this single reached No. 12 in the charts that April and the live mix apparently received an eight minute standing ovation at the DMC 'Disco' Mix Championships at the Albert Hall the same year !!!

*****N.B. These mp3's will be available for this week only *****

James Brown - I Feel Good


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Again, again, again I haven't posted on here for absolutely ages.....I WILL try harder NEXT YEAR - PROMISE !!!!

Traditional in these parts to put together a christmas offering!
Some old ::::: Some new ::::: and some you can only listen to this time of year!
There's also the obligatary dubby Elvis track which was on the last two xmas mixes.....

.....SO where ever you are passing through from ::: have a GOOD one ::: and see you in the new year !

The details....this mix is just under an one hour long and the file size is 81.1 MB

Tracklisting below - enjoy!


(01) Morecambe & Wise Intro
(02) 'Carpenters Christmas' GHP
(04) 'Armagideon Time (Version) - Justice Tonight' THE CLASH
(05) 'Wrapped Detective' GHP
(07) 'Sideway Shuffle' LINDA LEWIS
(08) 'Sound of the Summer' JAZZJUICE
(09) 'In the Ghetto (Kingston Style)' ELVIS
(11) 'Michael Jackson Remix 2'
(13) 'Days To Come (Instrumental)' BONOBO
(14) 'Lost in the Supermarket' THE CLASH
(15) 'Claus Mashup' JC PENNY
(16) 'Santa Claus is coming to Town' FRANK SINATRA


***Stop press(!) Wrappers' Delight has just hit the 500 download mark (29.12)
on b00mb0x - the most I've had for a mix with some great comments - cheers again for listening and have a great new years !

S*A*T @ MySpace


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Again I haven't posted on here for absolutely ages.....summer holidays reducing me to old fashion dial-up and waiting for my little boy to arrive (12 days overdue as I write this!) to help me relax I've been cut+pasting some of the tracks that have been played a lot in the boogie-shed during the heat wave. I've even had time to mash up Mr BUSH with the classic 'Imagine' (Does that make ME a terrorist I wonder ?!) As with the last collection a selection of tropical beats with a splash of cold beers on the beach kind of chill out soundz ! Notably three recent tracks from the Idjut Boys new Cottage label.

The details....this mix is 68 minutes long and the file size is 78.9 MB

Tracklisting below - enjoy!


(01) 'Dark Days' Intro
(02) 'Four Hills' DJ DAY [MPM 2005]
(03) 'Sunshine Love' ELEKTRONS [PIAS 2006]
(04) 'Imagine (Bushwacked)'
(05) 'Sumthin Betta' BEATCONDUCTOR [GAMM 2006]
(06) 'Music & Science Lovers' LEE SCRATCH PERRY & DUB SYNDICATE [On-U Sounds 1987]
(07) 'Far I Have Come' ARSENAL feat. JELISHA ANDERSON [Cottage 2006]
(08) 'Manana Por La Manana (Acoustic Mix)' OREJA [Papa 2003]
(09) 'Scozejazi' IDJUT BOYS [Cottage 2006]
(10) 'On & On (Summer in Sydney Remix)' ERYKAH BADU
(11) 'Planet Earth (Make It Equal)' THE SOUL DISCIPLE / BEATFANATIC [Soundscape 2004]
(12) 'Puerto Rico Remix' LOS HERMANOS LATINOS [LHL 2005]
(13) 'The Garden' CUT CHEMIST [Warner 2006]
(14) '1987 Demo' A-KO
(15) 'Up Town Top Ranking' ALTHIA & DONNA [Lightning 1977]
(16) 'Loose Nuke Threat' J*S*T*A*R*S [Twentythree 2003]
(17) 'Ghost Biter' STEADY DIGGIN WORKSHOP [Carbon Imprints 2006]
(18) 'Seashell' SKYLAB [L'attitude Ltd 1994]
(19) 'Blue River' SMITH & MUDD [Cottage 2006]
(20) 'My Way' ELVIS [RCA 1977]

  • SUMTHIN BETTA on b00mb0x

  • S*A*T @ MySpace

    SHED BOOGIE GUEST MIX ::::: Swampmaster - Soccahmix (Extra Time)

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    I'm getting very excited about the oncoming World Cup - so here's a fantastic footie flavoured offering:

    Swampmaster - Soccahmix (Extra Time)

    The Kop Choir - You’ll Never Walk Alone (Live) (Hallmark)
    Depth Charge - Goal (First Half) (Vinyl Solution)
    Primal Scream, Irvine Welsh And On-U Sound Present - The Big Man And The Scream Team Meet The Barmy Army Uptown (Full Strength Fortified Dub) (Creation)
    Depth Charge - Goal (Sudden Death Penalty Shoot Out) (Vinyl Solution)
    Barmy Army - Sharp As A Needle (On-U Sound)
    Colourbox - The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme (4AD)
    Tackhead - The Game (You’ll Never Walk Alone) feat. Brian Moore (On-U Sound)
    The Real Sounds Of Africa - Soccer Fan (World Cup 12′’ Remix by Norman Cook) (Cherry Red)
    Depth Charge - Romario (EFA Medien GmbH)
    Moog - Moog Lose The World Cup (Dust2Dust)
    Black Grape feat. Joe Strummer and Keith Allen - England’s Irie (Radioactive)
    Depth Charge - Goal (Second Half + Extra Time) (Vinyl Solution)
    England New Order - World In Motion (Carabinieri Mix/No Alla Violenza Mix/Original Version) (Swamp Megamix) (White Label)
    Barmy Army - England 2 Yugoslavia 0 (On-U Sound)

    **** MP3 **** currently available from b00mb0x

    Here's what the maestro Swampmaster said about it on the Lemon Jelly forum:

    .....this izza updated version ov mix from 2yrs back. iv added a coupla trax, some extra “goals” bitz & a few other tweaks here & there. cheerz to ted fer cover.

    fer maximum listening experience:
    1. play loud
    2. start play 67mins b4 eng-er-land kick off time (or any game yr interested in really, but obviously particularly relevant fer eng-er-land matches, hehe)
    3. dredge out every future footy tournament (particularly good in werld cup) and repeat…

    this mix started life in 1998 during the world cup in france. i woz guesting bi-weekly onna local radio station, crash fm, where me mate woz presenting nitely evening prog. it woz kinda interestin whether i actually had enuff footy rekkids to make a decent slot. it woz more ovva sequence ov rekkids back then. altho iv kept to original traxlist (almost) itz actually a mix now.

    during last world cup, japan 2002, i really enjoyed spinnin all versions/mixes ov “werld in motion” b4 eng-er-land matches. so, i decided to try & meld togever 3 versions: “original”, “carabinieri mix”, “no alla violenza mix”. in original selection it woz jus 1st 2. anywayz, it turned into a 15min megamix, phew! sumfin i aint tried b4.


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    I haven't posted on here for absolutely's a little pirate-cut+paste of all tunes being played in the boogie-shed. Some have been collecting dust and have been played massively by the mixing maestros (you know who you are!) others are of the moment ! As always mainly tropical beats with a splash of cold beers on the beach kind of chill out soundz ! Not to everyone's taste - no worries - pass it by - I promise I will not be offended !

    Oh yeah I've just got myself a MySpace area - check it out + drop us a line !

    The details....this mix is 74 minutes long and the file size is 84.6 MB
  • ***MP3*** Spring In The Shed Boogie
  • Tracklisting below - enjoy!

    (01) "Back From Africa" - Nickodemus [Wonderwheel]
    (02) "Strung Out King" - GHP
    (03) "Ritmo Tropical" - Quantic & Nickodemus [Candela]
    (04) "Chicago" - A-KO [Melting Pot Music]
    (05) "Baria Cumbia Remix" - Los Hermanos Latinos [White]
    (06) "Salvador Diaspora (Fort Knox Five Mix)" - Rez Riddem [Fort Knox]
    (07) "Rapture Riders" - Blondie Vs The Doors - GHP
    (08) "Time (featuring Corey Harris & Ranking Joe)" - Easy Star All-Stars [Easy Star]
    (09) "Killer (Dub Remix Edit)" - Boozoo Bajou
    (10) "El Pito" - Beatfanatic [Soundscape]
    (11) "Fire" - A-KO [Melting Pot Music]
    (12) "The Sweetest" - NOW [Warp]
    (13) "Lent Et Douloureux / Trois Gymnopedies / Satie" - Isan [Morr]
    (14) "Absolutely Fantastic" - S.A.T
    (15) "San Roque" - The Ipamenas [Farout]
    (16) "You Wish" - NOW [Warp]
    (17) "Malanotte" - Paul Murphy [Afro Art]
    (18) "Bring Me Sunshine" - Morecambe and Wise [EMI]
    (19) "Siren 890" - Plumbline/Roger Eno [Hydrogen Dukebox]

  • SPRING IN THE SHED BOOGIE : Cover to print

  • 'Bushit' (George W Bush vs. Rest of the World mashup) - Mr Lovely

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    While listening to the The Shifde & Slas Session on b00mb0x I came across this great little BUSH mashup - see what you think:

  • ***MP3*** 'Bushit' (George W Bush vs. Rest of the World mashup) - Mr Lovely

  • Collective Discharge
  • Lots more Mr Lovely mashups here!
  • Collective Discharge @ MySpace
  • Mr Lovely @ b00mb0x
  • Two mixes with covers here.

    SECRET KLF MIX: The Sound Of Mu(sic)

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    Hi there, I was just tracking back using Add Stats this monday morning - clicked on one of the search links and found this post on Dub dot dash dating back to August 25, 2005(!).

    It's great mix-up of the classic 1990's CHILL OUT album - the beginnings of the ambient scene.

    The blurb reads that it's a soundtrack to a documentary coming out sometime in 2006(!).

    In true KLF style thats all I can find out - If you happen to know more - please drop me a line!

  • ***MP3*** SECRET KLF MIX: The Sound Of Mu(sic)

  • Original KLF link
  • (In true KLF fashion each link is in the last of the three dots.......)

    SHED BOOGIE TUNE (02.05.06) ::::: Steady Diggin Workshop : Doin' It Well / Dippin' Biscuits / Ghost Biter

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    Steady Diggin Workshop : Doin' It Well / Dippin' Biscuits / Ghost Biter
    Carbon Imprints 7" - CI7004

    Side A
    Doin' It Well (pt. 1) (Carbon Imprints 30sec mp3)
    Side B
    Dippin' Biscuits (pt. 1) (Carbon Imprints 30sec mp3)
    Ghost Biter (Carbon Imprints 30sec mp3)

    Carbon Imprints drop another quality seven from the highly rated Steady Diggin Workshop. First off the bat is the Afro stomper "Doin It Well (Pt 1)". With its driving bassline, percussive drum patterns and chugging acoustic guitar, punctuated by sharp brass riffs, the words 'Kuti', 'Upsetters' and 'Popcorn' spring to mind. On the flip there's a bonus beat of the same track under the title "Ghost Biter", which also snatches parts of RJD2's "Ghostwriter". Lastly you get the monster basslinedriven clip cloppin' funk groover "Dippin' Biscuits" for hip hop tempo party warmin'.

  • Carbon Imprints
  • Steady Diggin Workshop @ MySpace
  • Piccadilly Records
  • SHED BOOGIE TUNE (04.05.06) ::::: Mooch : Sounds Good / Pickinit

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    Mooch : Sounds Good / Pickinit
    Jack To Phono 7" - JTP008

    Side A
    Sounds Good (Piccadilly Records 30sec mp3)
    Side B
    Pickinit (Piccadilly Records 30sec mp3)

    In 2005 Flevans (tru Thoughts) hooked up with the Jack To Phono label to release his debut 7" under the name Mooch. The full length Mooch album, "Sounds Good", is now completed, featuring contributions from Backini, Dr Rubberfunk, JFB and Johnny Tarr (Blackgrass), and this 45 pulls two cuts from it as a sneaky preview Title track "Sounds Good" has an infectious rolling bassline and killer vocal hooks, while "Pickinit" is a real head-nodder; a laid-back funk track dripping with wah wah guitars.

  • Jack To Phono
  • Jack To Phono @ MySpace
  • Piccadilly Records
  • SHED BOOGIE TUNE OF THE WEEK (1.03.06) ::::: A-ko EP

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    One of my favourite tunes from last year "Soul '69" gets another outing on the new MPM (022) 12"

    The Iowa-based DJ / producer A-ko returns with his first 12" EP, two brand new tracks of funky hip hop / b-boy breaks, one for the dancers and one for the headz, plus two reworked cuts from his long-gone "Soul '69" 45.

    First up is the funky rock breaker "Chicago", which is followed by the more sedate hip hop / downbeat smokers track "Fire".

    Over on the flip there's a Clean Cut version of b-boy breaker "Soul '69" which is sure to get the lino shining. Lastly Devil McDoom takes on "Untitled", giving it a cinematic B-movie 60s psyche-funk twist - a spooky one for the DJ Shadow heads.

    Side A
    1. Chicago (Piccadilly Records 30sec mp3)
    2. Fire (Piccadilly Records 30sec mp3)

    Side B
    1. Soul '69 (Clean Cut) (Piccadilly Records 30sec mp3)
    2. Untitled McDoom'd (Piccadilly Records 30sec mp3)

    SOUL69 / UNTITLED (7" MPM 012)
    10 January 2005

    Grimes, Iowa isn't exactly known for it's music scene. 5.399 people call this place home and A-ko doesn't even live in Grimes but a few miles outside where a 26.4k dial-up connection keeps him in touch with the beatmaking world. His favourite hang-out is where I spotted his raw talent.
    Now that A-ko has finished high-school it's time for RJD2 (or your other favourite "instrumental hip-hop" producer) to watch his back because this kid is so fresh and his beats are anything but clean (or cleared). So you better enjoy his DIY funk before he gets famous.
    Olski von Felbert, November 2004

  • ***Full MP3*** 7" Soul Side : SOUL69

  • ***Full MP3*** 7" Strut Side : UNTITLED

  • Melting Pot Music : A-ko EP news
  • MPM : A-KO SOUL69 / UNTITLED (7" MPM 012)
  • MySpace : A-KOmpm

  • Piccadilly Records
  • THE SHED BOOGIE GUEST MIX (6) ::::: Paul Murphy Afro Art Guest Mix

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    >>> This guest mix comes from the excellent Beatonic site.
    Big up Mr. beatonic for "pestering this man for a mix for sooo long", finally, here it is....

    This mix is 58 minutes long and the file size is 39.8 MB
  • ***MP3*** Paul Murphy Afro Art Guest Mix
  • Tracklisting below - enjoy!

    (01) Juju Orchestra “Hipness” Audiopharm
    (02) Paul Murphy “Soul Call” Afro Art
    (03) Alan Glen “Stone Fox Chase” Soundboy
    (04) Jose Mangual Jr. “Manteca 77” True Ventures
    (04) DJ Angola “Rock This” Unreleased
    (05) Sicania Soul “Life is a Tree” Irma
    (06) Buddy Rich & Eric Delaney “Fragments” Studio 2 Stereo
    (07) Ray City Bowler “Shalala” Grande Buffo
    (08) Jazz Juice “The Kicker” Freestyle
    (09) Danny Lewis “Ballistica” Defected
    (10) Sly “Buttermilk” Autumn
    (11) Third World “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” Tappa
    (12) AIM “Smile” ATIC
    (13) Danny Lewis “Ghost Dog” Afro
    (14) DJ Farrapo & Yanez “Baiano Vem Baiano Vai” Afro Art
    (15) Quantic Soul Orchestra “End Of The Road”. Tru Thoughts
    (16) Wilson Pickett “Soul Dance 3” Atlantic

  • Afro Art Records
  • Beatonic
  • THE SHED BOOGIE GUEST MIX (5) ::::: DJ Riko - Music to Buy Furniture by

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    >>> This months guest mix is by DJ RiKo of Whistler's Delight fame.

    >>> This is what he says about it: "....a friend of mine works part time at a modern furniture store in Milwaukee and has been after me for months to make a mix that she can play in the store. She was very persistent, so here it is. While I usually try to make mixes that demand some attention, this is something to play in the background while you go about your business. Some of the tracks may be overplayed for some of you, but there are some new numbers here as well. If you get a sudden urge to buy a new couch, it's the music's fault, not mine....." DJ Riko

    This mix is 70 minutes long, encoded at 192 kbps and the file size is 96 MB
  • ***MP3*** DJ Riko - Music to Buy Furniture by
  • Tracklisting below - enjoy!

    1. Backini - Pyramid
    2. Handsomeboy Technique - Adelie Coast Waltz
    3. Bostich - Tengo La Voz
    4. Nouvelle Vague - Just Can’t Get Enough
    5. Dr. Rubberfunk - Hundred and One Keys
    6. Cut Copy - Future
    7. The Shortwave Set - Is It Any Wonder
    8. The Avalanches - Etoh
    9. Ulrich Schnauss - Knuddelmaus
    10. Lemon Jelly - Ramblin Man
    11. Aim - Cold Water Music
    12. My Bloody Valentine - Sometimes
    13. Rolled Oats - Oats
    14. The Futureheads - Danger of the Water
    15. The Shortwave Set - Slingshot
    16. amillionsons - Misti Blu (Breezeblock Mix)

  • DJ Riko Forum
  • SHED BOOGIE TUNE OF THE WEEK (24.01.06) ::::: Blondie Vs The Doors / Blondie : Rapture Rider

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    Sorry I havn't posted for a while - life on the go and all that!

    Here's something I've completely missed last year - the most talked about blend of 2005 gets pressed on vinyl and given a proper release after almost a year of download action.

    If you've not worked it out from the title, this mash-up takes Blondie's classic disco-not-disco anthem and adds Jim Morrison's vocal from "Riders On The Storm", with Debbie Harry's rap sandwiched in between, which works a treat.

  • ***Full MP3*** Doors - VS - Blondie - Rapture Riders

  • Mark Vidler / Go Home Productions

  • Piccadilly Records

  • Guardian Unlimited : Download of the month
  • Garry Mulholland on the slinky bootleg mash-up that has acquired respectability - and Debbie Harry's approval (Sunday November 20, 2005)