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SECRET KLF MIX: The Sound Of Mu(sic)

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Hi there, I was just tracking back using Add Stats this monday morning - clicked on one of the search links and found this post on Dub dot dash dating back to August 25, 2005(!).

It's great mix-up of the classic 1990's CHILL OUT album - the beginnings of the ambient scene.

The blurb reads that it's a soundtrack to a documentary coming out sometime in 2006(!).

In true KLF style thats all I can find out - If you happen to know more - please drop me a line!

  • ***MP3*** SECRET KLF MIX: The Sound Of Mu(sic)

  • Original KLF link
  • (In true KLF fashion each link is in the last of the three dots.......)


    Clint Iguana said...

    This is actually quite spooky, I was listening to the KLF last night.

    When I opened the link you posted on my blog I thought it was just the Chill Out album, but i soon noticed subtle differences, so i dug out the original and yes.. i can see it is the same album, but different, if you see what i mean.

    Now i have looked at this post, I can see that you already know what it is.

    Nice one, despite my punk rants, I am well into this sort of thing.

    you would do well to check out jimmy Cauty's 'Space' project, released in 1990 (i feel old now), even more chilled out than the KLF.

    And there is also 'Blacksmoke', a far more in ya face offering, which as far as i know was only ever available as a download. It was available from but I have just had a look and it is a very very annoying website which is doing my head in and i cannot find the download now!

    There is also another very annoying, website which lists all the side projects

    Jimmy Cauty has now retired to concentrate on stamp collecting, see his latest project here

    S.A.T said...

    Hi Clint,
    Very sp00ky as I said in the post I came across this new "secret" mix by chance (and a bit late too!)

    Bong tells me it's by some German fans (!?!)
    There was me getting excited that there might be a KLF documentary coming out this year!

    I have a very vague memory of the guys bringing out a book entitled "how to make a No 1 record" or something - probably just my imagination!

    Checked out the Jimmy Cauty stamp collecting site - very strange and kind of fascinating at the same time!

    And you're right about the Blacksmoke site very frustrating - gave up!

    The Space album I've heard a few times but don't own - I'll track it down - cheers buddy

    Clint Iguana said...

    You can download the KLF Mannual on how to have a number one the easy way by going to