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King Megatrip - “Relaxed, But Ever Alert”

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Another corker from the King.....

King Megatrip - “Relaxed, But Ever Alert” (Listen & download MP3 here)
february 17.2003

01 Chick Floyd & His Orchestra _ Hana Maui _ Capitol
02 De Phazz _ Atomic Ducktail _ Boutique
03 Homelife _ Too Fast _ Ninja Tune
04 N.E.R.D. _ Provider (Zero 7 Remix) _ Virgin
05 Jaga Jazzist _ Reminders _ WEA
06 Boozoo Bajou _ Portland Woodchamber _ Stereo Deluxe
07 Mr. Projectile _ Patients _ Senton Recordings
08 Rumpistol _ Sdr. Fasanvej Kl. Ca. 22.00 _ Rumpistol
09 Amon Tobin _ Switch _ Ninja Tune
10 Astrud Gilberto _ Misty Roses _ Polygram
11 Tosca _ Gute Laune _ G-Stone
12 The Orb _ Cool Harbour _ Kompakt
13 Up, Bustle & Out _ Outro..Hasta Luego Amigos _ Unique
14 Up, Bustle & Out _ Tabla Talkin’Dub _ Unique
15 The Mexican _ Yoghurt Mudflap _ Catskills Records
16 Max Melvin _ Sweet Elektra _ Maxelect Records
17 Zero 7 _ One Arm Break _ Ultimate Dilemma
18 Schneider TM feat. Kpt.Michi.Gan - The Light 3000 _ City Slang

here’s an old one from the Megatrip archives - recorded live Feb.17.2003.

This mix was made for Ghost & The Machine show.
The Ghost & The Machine show used to air saturday nights on KZSU.


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