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DUBSTA chapter three

The sleeve notes....

Well it's coming round to that time of year again - putting the sound systems & bad boy speakers out in the fields! Here's the next Dubsta installment - as usual a selection of old and new dubplates.

Big ups as always start with Tone of Version Big-Fi here with an exclusive re-rub-a-dub of Marley's 'Is this Love' (incidentally his Version Big-Fi were nominated for "Best Dub Recording Or Album" at the 2008 Reggae Academy Awards).

Big thanks also to Fried Wire / Jah Inspirazion from Mexico / Farm Fresh Sound System / Clint at the Peppermint Iguana HQ & for giving the last two chapters excellent reviews (see below).....and of course all the operators at the b0x that keep it alive and b00ming!

As with before you’ll find there’s absolutely no structure or reason to the track ordering because it was very much a random pick and blend scenario - any connections between the tracks I would put down to the work of jah!


"....this is not MONO....this is not STEREO....this is for folks with MORE than two ears!"

DUBSTA chapter three ::: S*A*T @ b00mb0x (Listen & MP3 here)

(01) 'jah freedom' - jah inspirazion
(02) 'raise your glass (ft. silent knight) - dj vadim
(03) 'version 78 style' - king tubby
(04) 'highest grade dub' - roots manuva
(05) 'is this love (version big-fi dub) - bob marley
(06) 'dub will tear us apart' - fried wire
(07) 'ja fun mi (instrumental)' - king sunny ade
(08) 'plague of zombies' - scientist
(09) 'babylon police thief dub' - augustus pablo meets the upsetters
(10) 'the ghost dub' - burning spear
(11) 'natural progression dub' - aswad
(12) 'capo' - the hippy boys
(13) 'god bless my dub' - niney and friends
(14) 'invasion dub' - king tubby
(15) 'fire and brimstone dub' - black uhuru
(16) 'teach them dub' - king tubby & the african brothers
(17) 'african dub' - joe gibbs
(18) 'run tings' - version big-fi
(19) 'drop It like a hog' - farm fresh sound system
(20) 'roots and culture dub' - mikey dread

1:05:06 ::: 89.5 MB

"Because Dubbing Is A Must: 65 minutes of crucial Drum and Bass lines from the best of the online (DUB) Reggae artists to essential Dub from the days of old. Dubsta Chapter Three is out and you better get it while it's hot!

As we move from one crucial Dub into the next essential mix, jingles and soundscapes enter into what is another fine mix by the Dubsta crew.

We're treated to a wide variety of styles within the art called DUB. King Tubby's "Version 78 Style", for example: a militant almost punky riddim is flooded with cutting edge echo's. Or Fried Wire, one of the best of the online (DUB) Reggae Artist community, with a trippy excursion into DUB Space. Even the King of Reggae himself is present with an excellent remix by the Version Big-Fi crew of his track "Is This Love".

Dubsta Chapter Three Is A Must, like Dubbing Is A Must." [ Dread]


Just in case you missed the first two outings - click on the links below:

DUBSTA chapter 2 MP3 HERE @ b00mb0x

"Opening up with Mikey Dread's massive and even anthemic Saturday Night Style definitely sets the tone for the second chapter of Dubsta: another 72 minutes of stricktly DUB awaits! Ask "any" well-known producer of contemporary Digital Dance Music, and (s)he will tell you all about how DUB really stands at the foundation of their music.

When (s)he knows his/her own business, that is...

It is said, that DUB originated in King Tubby's studio when he was doing a sound check and forgot to turn of the echo before pressing the "play" button. We all know where it went to, otherwise we wouldn't be checking out Dubsta's second Podcast anyway.

Chapter One introduced us to many of the originators of DUB: King Tubby of course, and Prince Jammy. We got a little taste of the fruits, too, but Chapter Two of Dubsta takes us even further down the road of DUB as we even transcend the realms of Reggae!" []

(01) 'saturday night style' - mikey dread
(02) 'roots once again' - farm fresh sound system
(03) 'new dimension' - dj disse
(04) 'blackboard jungle dub' - the upsetters
(05) 'bionic horn' - king tubby
(06) 'fight the power dub' - dreadzone
(07) 'livin' dub' - small world
(08) 'trap them dub' - jah shaka
(09) 'rocket dub' - version big-fi
(10) 'gringo dread' - mad professor
(11) 'jane dub' - universal subjective
(12) 'rigor mortis' - revolutionaries
(13) 'king zion' - (king of dub)
(14) 'social living dub' - burning spear
(15) 'mandela' - abyssinians
(16) 'black phoenix' - (black magic dub)
(17) 'tubb's dub song' - pablo all stars

::: DUBSTA chapter 1 MP3 HERE @ b00mb0x :::

"Did King Tubby know, what he was listening to when he first heard the drum and bass with echo's on what was said to be a sound check in his studio somewhere in the late 1960's, early 70's?

Did he know, he was about to launch a completely new discipline in studio technology that would forever change the face of not just Reggae Music, but in fact all contemporary forms of (digital) Dance Music?

The answer we will probably never know.

We do know, that DUB indeed has become just that: the foundation for many styles as well as a discipline within Reggae Music that continues to puzzle the minds of many producers until this very day.

We also know, that this can all be experienced by listening to the first chapter of the two-part Dubsta Series.

After an initial introduction, we're taken straight to Jamaica where Prince Jammy and King Tubby give us some crucial DUB vibes, only to move forward to the UK where the Mad Professor is at the Control Tower and takes DUB even further.

Just three names, and don't think it's all about them either.

Dubsta Chapter One takes us to times and places where many don't think they can find some crucial DUB as their minds are mostly in the past anyway.

Know DUB, download DUBSTA CHAPTER ONE!" []

(01) 'brown paper bag' - me&you
(02) 'jump up dub' - king tubby & ranking dread
(03) 'storming the death star' - prince jammy & roots radics
(04) 'checkpoint charlie' - mad professor
(05) 'northern lights' - bush chemists
(06) 'blood sweat & dunza dub' - king tubby (king of dub)
(07) 'sufferer's song' - (black magic dub)
(08) 'chapter three' - joe gibbs
(09) 'dub it star' - scientist & ranking dread
(10) 'killer dub' - boozoo bajou
(11) 'dub remedies' - south
(12) 'rockers galore' - butch cassidy sound system
(13) 'jah love rockers dub' - king tubby
(14) 'mass murder & corruption' - scientist
(15) 'strictly dub' - blackbeard
(16) 'dunza dub' - (rockers almighty dub)
(17) 'weep & wail' - roots radics
(18) 'visions dub' - daddy roots
(19) 'sunshine dub' - vibe tribe soundsystem
(20) 'champion dub' - king tubby
(21) 'keep on dubbing' - augustus pablo