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Yah Congo Meets King Tubby & Professor At Dub Table (1995)

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More old skool dubplates....

Yah Congo Meets King Tubby & Professor At Dub Table (1995)

01 Nobody Knows My Troubles
02 What The World Wants Is Love
03 Lets Live In Love
04 Sound Boy Fights For Dub
05 Rock Me Tonight
06 King Tubby On The Corner
07 Having A Nightmare
08 Big Girl
09 Downtown Rock
10 Still In Pressure
11 Fire In Town
12 Give Thanks To Jah

"Yah Congo" was the Jamaican production company and label owned by Glen Darby in the '60s and '70s.

Reach Out International mostly focuses on '80s and '90s reggae and dub recordings, but occasionally, the label discovers some hidden treasures from the golden age of the '60s and '70s. YAH CONGO MEETS KING TUBBY AND PROFESSOR AT DUB TABLE is a fabulously entertaining example of such a discovery.

Yah Congo was a small Jamaican label and production company owned by Glen Darby, who produced most of the original 1974-1979 singles dubbed here. These rare or unreleased dub mixes find King Tubby at the top of his game, turning the 12 mellow, mid-tempo rhythms into heavily reverbed, echoey sonic landscapes where guitars and occasional snatches of vocals careen through the booming bass and rattling percussion. The last five dubs are by King Tubby's protege Professor, whose style owes much to his mentor's, adding only a greater taste for electronic effects to differentiate them. While not a revolutionary find, this is magnificent dub.

Recorded at Channel One Studios, Jamaica between 1974 and 1979.
Producer: Glen Darby
Personnel includes: King Tubby, Professor, Albert Griffiths, Dallimore Sutherland, Clinton Fearon.