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BLOODY BOLD & RESOLUTE – Mr Sweet & Toothless

BLOODY BOLD & RESOLUTE – Mr Sweet & Toothless

01 -^- Reggae Source – Frenic
02 -^- Future – Dub FX
03 -^- The Man With The Harmonica – Apollo 440
04 -^- Money (The Alchemist Remix) – Easy Star All-Stars
05 -^- Bongo Dub – Dub Traffik Control
06 -^- The Rude Boy Style – Zeb
07 -^- Maxi Tempo (Ft Anthony Red Rose) – Version Big-Fi
08 -^- No Time To Waste (Remix For Mr.Dero) – Jstar
09 -^- Wickedness – Cult Of The 13th Hour
10 -^- Stake A Claim – Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip
11 -^- Money (Ft Horace Andy) – Alborosie
12 -^- Come Together (A.Skillz Remix) – The Beatles
13 -^- Youth Man (Ft Darius) – Version Big-Fi
14 -^- I Don’t Want To Work – Kabanjak
15 -^- Little Great Britain (Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip vs Dreadzone) – Version Big-Fi
16 -^- Get Up Stand Up (JPod Remix) – Bob Marley
17 -^- Uptown Top Ranking (Livingstone & Canosis Ghetto Reggae Remix) – Althea & Donna
18 -^- 79 Rock – The Revolutionaries

Happy new year… what's happening? Two selections in a month! I have to say this one has been ticking away in the background for a few months and I had a bit time over the holiday period to finish it....

"superb mixture of brimstone & fiya... kickstart 2011 into touch with stylee"

Version Big-Fi always feature on my selections and are having their Youth Man track released as a single on the Mystikal Roots label in a few weeks…

"This debut release from the Mystikal Roots label – ‘Youth Man EP’ - brings you the finely tuned ‘digi-dub’ sound, perfected by Version Big-Fi, layered with a reggae groove. ‘Youth Man’ will not only be appreciated by dub enthusiasts, but also, the post-dubstep heads looking for a 3 dimensional audio experience."

and here’s the video:

"Mystikal Roots is the brand new London based label fusing elements of Reggae & Dub while retaining the melodic conventions of Dubstep.

This young and fresh label who are dedicated to providing a change to the dubstep genre merging elements from Reggae & Dub and implementing them into full on bass heavy songs.

Disillusioned by the current underground music scene, which churns out disposable ‘tracks’ composed for the sole purpose of being incorporated into a mix and not songs with longevity and an individual depth, something Mystikal Roots hope to achieve throughout their releases."

Mystikal Roots Website

Mystikal Roots @ Soundcloud

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