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Shed Tune Of The Day: Eternity - Illskillz (feat dub fx)

1. Illskillz - feat dub fx - Eternity 04:56

I don't believe the system I always put it to the test
My own belief system is my one and only quest
Ever searching for the real It keeps me free from all the cries
Mi make a concise deal To seek the truth and not the lies

I learn a fact about a thing And analyze the energy
Inspiration when I sing Delivered through da melody
An while da ganja burns Mi have a nu epiphany
An so da cycle turns Into eternity........

Nutrition is the key To the gates of higherness
Intelligently free From Babylon's eternal stress
We go back to the start An learn to chant an mediate
An ever open heart Allows my mind to elevate

Me reaching for da stars An rise above the concise plane
I see jupiter an mars Aboard this super sonic train
Developing my art within My own maturity
Mi come round to da start Into eternity ty ty ty ty ty.....

2. Illskillz - feat dub fx - Eternity - dj edit 05:18
extra 16 bars added to the beginning of the track for dj mixing

from Eternity - free Convoy download, released 07 January 2011
track - written, produced and mastered by illskillz
vocals - written, recorded and performed by dub fx