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>>> Every 3/4 weeks I'm going to attempt to digitize one of my mixtapes from yesteryear for nostalgia!
>>> In those days everything was done in 'real time' for each 45 minute side of the tape.
>>> So it's basically a live recording!

  • Fanfare of Life
  • (Please note it has a quite intro!)

    Tracklisting below - enjoy!

    1. ‘Temple Invisible No.5’ - SOLARIS
    2. ‘White Walls’ - BANCO DE GAIA
    3. ‘Zion Gate’ - DREAD ZONE
    4. ‘Anthem’ - BLACK UHURU
    5. ‘Nemesis (Organic Mix)' - CHILDREN OF DUB
    6. ‘Sundance’ - SUN ELECTRIC
    7. GABRIELLE ROTH @ 'Alternatives' (St. James Church '94)
    8. ‘Kincajou’ - BANCO DE GAIA
    9. ‘Can You Feel the Force’ - THE REAL THING
    10. ‘China (Follow The Yellow Brick Road)’ - BANCO DE GAIA
    11. ‘The Hand of Contraband’ - UP, BUSTLE & OUT
    12. ‘Fight the Power’ - DREAD ZONE
    13. ‘Estelle’ - A MAN CALLED ADAM
    14. ‘Fanfare of Life’ - LEFTFIELD

    Recorded 05.95

    P.S. Dreadzone have just released (12th September 05) their 5th album
    'Once Upon A Time'

    Charlie said...

    Hey boss, loving the re-designed blog, looks much more you! I shall certainly keep checking back, hope you dont start slacking!

    Steve said...

    Cheers Charlie - I'll try my hardest !
    I've got 3 threads going at the moment:
    New mix
    Ye Old Mix Tape Digitzer +
    Shed Boogie Tune of the Week

    Should keep me focused on the blog for a while !!