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S.A.T Top Tunes for April

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1. Side Effect : Always There [Fantasy Records]

So famous is Incognito's acid jazzy "Always There" that most people assume it's their original. In fact, not only was it first recorded by Ronnie Laws by 1975 as a jazz instrumental, but the lyrics weren't even written until LA's Side Effect covered it in 1979! Here's your chance to own this blockbusting disco version on a proper Fantasy 12".
  • Always There sample

  • 2. Richie Havens : Going Back To My Roots (Danny Krivit Re-edit) [Elektra]

    As far as anthems go, the Richie Havens version of Lamont Dozier's "Going Back To My Roots" is up there with the best of 'em. Kicking off with the best pianos ever (as used on Italo-house classic FPI Project's "Rich In Paradise"), it develops into one of the most uplifting pieces of music ever recorded. A confirmed Balearic classic, no Moonboots set is complete without this encore. For this special US 12", Danny Krivit re-edits a previously remixed version of the song (a trick he's pulled previously with Earth, Wind & Fire), dispensing with the famous piano and much of the vocals in favour of a lowdown, dirty bass-fuelled, breakbeat groove that simply wipes out the dancefloor. Records like this don't come along very often...

  • Going Back To My Roots (Danny Krivit Re-edit) sample

  • 3. Sugarloaf Gangsters : Samba Swat [GAMM]

    It probably didn't take the Sugarloaf Gangsters long to come up with a name for their cheeky GAMM piece, as it's pretty self explanatory. Rhythm Heritage's horn funk classic "Theme From SWAT" is married to a boogie down samba rhythm for a Rio de Janerio flavoured slice of Blaxploitation. The B-side's "Samba Swatted" leaves the funk at home for a manic drum cut, with the compulsory sped-up, slowed-down sections.

  • Samba Swat sample

  • 4. The Gene Drayton Unit : Cake Shop / BB's Gonna Be Be [Discues Carmel]

    A second single from this London-based mod-funk outfit on their own Disques Carmel label. Both sides are rip-roaring 60s style swingers for the dancefloor, chock-full of brass, Hammond organ, flute etc.

  • Cake Shop sample

  • 5. Grand Master Clash : The Message Of Brixton [White Enemy]

    The second mash-up by the people behind the infamous White Enemy 7", merging The Clash's "Guns Of Brixton" with Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five's "The Message"!

  • The Message Of Brixton sample

  • 6. The Believers : Across The Track (Pt 1 & 2) [Brownstone]

    Originally pressed in a really small quantity and released as the first single on James Brown's new (at the time!) Brownstone imprint in 1971. Long sought after by DJs and collectors alike, original copies will set you back in the region of £300! "Across The Track" (nothing to do with the later Maceo tune) is a heavy funk instrumental, divided between sides A and B.

  • Across The Track sample

  • 7. Flow Dynamics : Live In The Mix / Better On Stage [Freestyle]

    Australian combo Flow Dynamics keep the party vibe going on this awesome Freestyle double header: Side A's "In The Mix" features James Brown sound-a-like singer Sunny Amorganda free forming over the infectious 70s style disco-funk backing, making for perfect dancefloor flavours. On the flip is the slower groover "Better On Stage" which has DJ Selekt cutting up a hip hop vocal sample into a horn-riffed groove. Both sides already have major support from Russ Dewbury, Adrian Gibson, Rob Luis, Gilles Peterson, Nik Weston, Jelly Jazz, Fort Knox Five, All Good Funk Alliance, Ninjatune's Solid Steel Radio, and Annie Mac (Radio 1).

  • Live In The Mix sample