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SHED BOOGIE GUEST MIX (7) ::: BONG ::: Curry Goat

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I should have put this mix up on the Shed blog ages ago! Big apologies Bong ! For the last few weeks it's been the next mix to play on my pod after wrappers delight - once I actually walked back (3 miles) from town to my fen outpost just to keep in the wonderful world of this mix !!! ....Jah I walked very far yar (with serious amounts of echo) !!!

It keeps reminding me that I really should do a Dub Styly mix one of these days - here's to finding the time !

*** MP3 *** Bong - Curry Goat
Click on the download link above and it will be downloaded to your desktop with Jah magic!

::: OR hit the link below to play the mix :::
BONG @ b00mb0x

Tracklisting below:

Bong feat. Jah Whittingstall’s Allstars - Curry Goatro
Jah Berry - News (Version)
Jah Berry - News
Steve Boswell - I Am Getting Bad
Steve Boswell - I Am Getting Bad (Version)
Tabby - Takes A Miracle
Den Fraser - Takes A Magic Dub
Excerpt From “Rockers”
Jah Berry - Waiting In The Park
The Untouchables - Help Us Jah
Chantells - Hey You
Mikey Dread - Skinhead Skank
Jah Berry - Sister Jaqueline
Jah Berry - Sister Jaqueline (Version) #
Chantells & Barnabas - Sister Fay (Version) #
Heptones - Deceivers
Jah Berry - Sister Jaqueline (Version)
Excerpt From “Rockers”
Scientist - 911
U-Roy - Every Knee Shall Bow
Unknown Dj - Sounds Of Man
Untouchables - Sea Of Love
Prince Mohammed - Lightening & Thunder
Bong - Babylon and Out

recorded@bongheights 23rd June 2006

praise jah