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S*A*T mix ::: 3*Style

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::: 3*STYLE MP3 HERE @ b00mb0x :::
59' 44 ::: 82 MB

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Loads of thankyou's & bigups go out with this mix:
Firstly a huge mucho gratitudes to DJ Disse, who sent me a promo of his debut album "when I`m bored, I change colour" due for release this june 2007 - absolutely stunning work! There are two tracks taken from it that feature in the selection.

Also the maestro sent me a 12" which he was the 'brains' behind, 'Under my Dub' - a Stones re-dub - another corker!

Secondly I would like to a praise-up Billy aka the undercover hippy - for giving me his permission to use his awesome 'money money money' track. Hopefully you'll be able to catch up with the ever travelling man at a festival near you!

Thirdly a big thankyou to Jannis of jakarta records for helping out with the 'Drummies/Fireball' little seven.

And lastly to Mark Vidler (Go Home Productions) for supplying the 'top' & 'tails' for the mix!

Apart from that it's the usual funky/dubby selection here; some new, some classic, some old...

3*STYLE ::: S*A*T ::: SPRING*2007

(01) 'Goodbye Rocky' - GO HOME PRODUCTIONS [GHP 2007]
(02) 'Three (Mad breaks edit)' - MASSIVE ATTACK [Wildbunch 1994]
(03) 'Drummies' - LEEROY OF THE SAIAN SUPA CREW [Jakarta 2007]
(04) 'Mr. Blue Sky' - ELO [Jet 1978]
(05) 'Cumbia Skank' - LOS HERMANOS LATINOS [LHL 2006]
(06) 'Fireball' - LEEROY OF THE SAIAN SUPA CREW [Jakarta 2007]
(07) 'Miss You' - THE DYNAMICS [Big Single 2007]
(08) 'The Chief' - TONI SCOTT [Champion 1989]
(09) 'Just a Little While Longer' - TYRONE ASHLEY / FUNKY MUSIC MACHINE [Handcuts 2007]
(10) 'Money Money Money' - THE UNDERCOVER HIPPY [UH 2007]
(11) 'Walk on the Wild Side' - DJ DISSE [Music For Dreams 2007]
(12) 'I Wouldn't Change A Thing' - COKE ESCOVEDO [1976 / Unique 2007]
(13) 'Amigos' - WICKED LESTER [Jalapeno 2002]
(14) 'New Dimension' - DJ DISSE [Music For Dreams 2007]
(15) 'Under my Dub' - RS [Balearic Biscuits 2007]
(16) 'Pinocchiohead On LSD' - GO HOME PRODUCTIONS [GHP 2007]

59' 44 ::: 82 MB ::: S*A*T ::: 2007