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James Brown - Cold Sweat [1967]

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No posts for a week - due to an exploding HD - so in the meantime here's some superb stuff from The Boss!

James Brown - Cold Sweat [download here]

Here's Pee Wee Ellis' version of how Cold Sweat came about and was recorded...
"After one of the shows, one night somewhere, James called me into the dressing room and grunted a bass line of a rhythmic thing (demonstrates), which turned out to be "Cold Sweat." I was very much influenced by Miles Davis and had been listening to "So What" six or seven years earlier and that crept into the making of "Cold Sweat." You could call it subliminal, but the horn line is based on Miles Davis' "So What." I wrote that on the bus between New York and Cincinnati. The next day we pulled up in front of King Records studio, got off the bus, got in the studio, set up, and I went over the rhythm with the band. By the time we got the groove going, James showed up, added a few touches--changed the guitar part, which made it real funky--had the drummer do something different. He was a genius at it. Between the two of us, we put it together one afternoon. He put the lyrics on it. The band set up in a semicircle in the studio with one microphone. It was recorded live in the studio. One take. It was like a performance. We didn't do overdubbing."

1. Cold Sweat
2. Nature Boy
3. Come Rain or Come Shine
4. I Loves You, Porgy
5. Back Stabbin'
6. Fever
7. Mona Lisa
8. I Wanna Be Around
9. Good Rockin' Tonight
10. Stagger Lee
11. Kansas City

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