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Top review for Dubsta 4 from the maestro -

WWW, October 2008 - From Studio One to the current House studio's and online artists: everything DUB is in the fourth chapter of the excellent DUBSTA series. Once again, a deep deep excursion into DUB space.

We definitely go beyond the realm of what is generally considered to be Reggae Music in this one hour mix of some very extra-ordinary material. A bit of R&B and House isn't avoided at all by the selectors, which makes the (90%) Reggae even more strong.

After all, the theme of the Dubsta series is obviously DUB: from the ancient times when it was born to the present times wherein the art and technique is present in musical styles that have in themselves nothing to do with Reggae at all.

The selectors behind the Dubsta series don't go too far beyond the realms of Reggae, however. In this mix, there is even a Dub version from a track by the 1980's band "The Police" which cannot be defined other than contemporary Dub Reggae.

That is, just after one of the hardest online Dub artists at the moment (Fried Wire) gives acte d' presence with another crucial piece of original Dub Reggae: another highlight in this highly interesting and well-balance one hour selection of dub, dub and dub.


01. Round 1 Scientist Big Showdown At King Tubby’s
02. Harder Than Babylon - Mad Professor
03. Nightwalker - Trentemoller
04. Searching For Stalag - Dub Traffik Control
05. Like The Wind Ft. Deuce Eclipse (Kidkanevil Remix) - Dj Vadim
06. Dub Experience - Lodovic Navarre
07. DJ Choice - Mad Professor
08. Two Seven Clash Dub - Culture
09. Roman Dub - Harry Mudie
10. Moi KaDub - Dub Division
11. This Is The Law (Big-Fi Dub) - Version Big-Fi
12. Dub-ble Tough Part Two - Fried Wire
13. Walking On The Moon (Walking On The Dub) - DubXanne
14. Dub The Government - Sly & Robbie
15. Dub 16 - Scientist
16. Taurus Dub No.2 - Various Artists Studio One
17. The Bold Dub - King Tubby
18. Cocaine - Sly & The Revolutionaries
19. Dub Fi Gwan - King Tubby
20. Channel One In Dub - Linval Thompson
21. Struggle (Remix) - Dub Syndicate
22. Kunta Kinte Version One - The Revolutionaries
23. Any Dub You Like - Easy Star All-Stars

1:07:21 - 108 MB

Finally back from my Macintosh melt down… here’s the next installment in the Dubsta series put together on two 1999 Power Mac G4’s to give it a more old school flavour…

(Speaker warning: a mixture of formats & very old hardware could create sound level fluctuation)

“….this is not MONO….this is not STEREO….this is for folks with MORE than two ears!”



King Megatrip said...

hey SAT - you might want to tell the dubroom that "direct linking" of the .mp3 won't work from b00mb0x and give them the correct link...

otherwise people trying to DL your mix, ain't getting it....

the DUBSTA series rules!