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Haunted by Waters - Like the Dust (1995)

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X Dot 25 Productions

1. Haunted by Waters - Coming of Lugh 6:31
2. Haunted by Waters - Winds of Love 5:54
3. Haunted by Waters - Hideaway 6:01
4. Haunted by Waters - Like the Dust 6:19
5. Haunted by Waters - Shasta the Wanderer 7:06
6. Haunted by Waters - Drowning in the Waters 7:04
7. Haunted by Waters - M'Bayata 4:17
8. Haunted by Waters - Jalne Jalne 7:01
9. Haunted by Waters - Impassioné 6:03
10. Haunted by Waters - Pray 6:55
11. Haunted by Waters - Pray 4:28
12. Haunted by Waters - Camille 5:30
The single album from Haunted By Waters, who broke up shortly after its release, Like the Dust was a splendid cross-fertilization that boded well for future efforts. McWhir and Hannibal moved on to start Samsara, which continued some of the ideas originally tested on Like the Dust. However, Haunted By Waters had a particular and peculiar neopagan atmosphere that has a superficial similarity to Dead Can Dance, with vocals influenced both by Middle-Eastern styles and traditional Celtic music; this was layered over a heady mixture of fluid, flexible percussion (based in San Francisco, the band boasted multiple connections to Mickey Hart), sinuous bass, and smart touches of jazz that hint at Rippingtons territory, but firmly skirt around it. Above all else, Like the Dust is a beautiful, sexy album, something to be experienced by dancing as much as by listening. It truly is a shame that this was the end of the line. ~ Steven E. McDonald


Arranger: Haunted by Waters
Conch Shell: Gerry Basserman
Guitar (Classical): David Hannibal
Bongos: Rhan Wilson
Flute: Stephen Schultz
Production Assistant: Aldoush Alpanian
Programming: David Hannibal
Keyboards: David Hannibal
Guitar (12 String Acoustic): Gerry Basserman
Executive Producer: Ebrahim Ahmadi
Executive Producer: Mehdi Ahmadi
Guitar: David Hannibal
Bass: Greg Stone
Baroque Flute: Stephen Schultz
Mixing: Stephen Hart
Dumbek: Tina Blaine-Bean
Keyboards: Gerry Basserman
Programming: Gerry Basserman
Vocals: Gerry Basserman
Cello: Shell
Tin Whistle: Cait McWhir
Finger Cymbals: Cait McWhir
Vocals: Cait McWhir
Tabla: Rhan Wilson
Engineer: Gerry Basserman
Drums: Gerry Basserman
Computer Graphics: Jayce Farahmand
Bodhran: Cait McWhir
Drums: Tina Blaine-Bean
Djembe: Cait McWhir
Vocals: Tina Blaine-Bean
Rainstick: Diane Maxwell
Processing: Stephen Schultz
Drums: Shell
Record Label: X Dot 25 Productions
Photography: Susan Scott
Udu: Tina Blaine-Bean
Producer: Haunted by Waters
Guitar (Electric): David Hannibal
Congas: Tina Blaine-Bean
Engineer: David Hannibal
Drums: Rhan Wilson
Sax (Alto): Gerry Basserman
Didjeridu: David Hannibal
Guitar (Acoustic): Gerry Basserman
Djembe: Tina Blaine-Bean
Cello: Gerry Basserman
Sax (Alto): Shell