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Sorry about being away for a while - Easter holidays and all that!
During the break had a little fun and frustration in having a go at getting Glasto tickets. The on-line ticket portal seemed to be constantly down that Sunday!

Since the BIG one is coming into view I thought I'd post myself a few reminders:

First up 'Glastonbury The Movie' shot in 1993 comes out in July as a three disc special box set. Me and my bro were in the original film briefly - so looking forward to the extra footage.

Apparently on disk 2 there’s even a way of playing it so that it runs for 38 hours. They shot the lot; entire gigs, interviews, backstage, but most importantly the comings and goings of all the people who make Glastonbury what it is!

For more info visit Glastonbury The Movie @ MySpace

Here are the trailers:

DVD Teaser trailer

Original Cinema Trailer

Glastonbury The Movie DVD promo

It's funny for a 'joke' a couple of years back (I had a bit more time on my hands then!) I had the film on VHS and cut together all the atmospheric bits to a silly soundtrack I put together.

So dusting off the cobwebs here's the video: