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Baroque Dub Mixtape Twenty Seven - Back to my roots

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This selection is a strictly rub-a-dub, bass heavy return to basics with a massive collection of roots, reggae and dub anthems. Including not one but three exclusive mixes and covering the usual spectrum from 70s classics to modern day disciples, enjoy this carefully crafted low frequency feast. Big up the baroquedub massive!

Baroque Dub Mixtape Twenty Seven - Back to my roots
(Download here)


[01] Deadbeat - Night Train to Paris (00:00)
[02] Eva Be - Into My Blues (feat. Pegah Ferydoni) (04:34)
[03] Molecule - I Dedicate (feat. Nemo) (08:57)
[04] Sardinia Bass Legalize - Leaves (14:04)
[05] Capital Letters - UK Skanking (12" disco mix) (18:50)
[06] Bim Sherman - Golden Locks (26:55)
[07] Ruts DC - Whatever We Dub (30:03)
[08] Sism-X - Land for Everyone (exclusive baroquedub re-dub) (36:00)
[09] Ethnic Fight Band - Pressure Them In Dub (40:07)
[10] Kuba - Give It Time (Indian Summer Mix) (42:32)
[11] Alborosie - Kingston Town (47:55)
[12] Big Youth - Political Confusion (Small Axe) Wood'n'Spoon Remix (50:38)
[13] Jah Shaka - Throne of God (54:18)
[14] Abassi All Stars - Crisis (58:49)
[15] Tippa Irie - Praises / Dubdadda - Screaming Terror (baroquedub ROOT021 mash-up) (61:47)
[16] Jahdan Blakkamoore - Varela (66:22)
[17] Wildski - Wonderful World (exclusive baroquedub b-vox mix) (68:49)
[18] The Observer All Stars - Casanova Dub (74:24)
[19] Glen Brown - Do Your Thing (77:15)

"After a couple of leftfield dancefloor orientated excursions we're back to strictly rub-a-dub bass-heavy territory with a New Year deep sub special.

A true celebration of the dub massive, with a sprinkling of roots and plenty of good vibes. I hope you've all got yourselves a subwoofer and some new speakers for xmas because you're going to need them... :)

This one's especially dedicated to all of baroquedub's regular listeners - you know who you are - and with a special shout-out to Robin and Damon (& Christine!) and the mighty Jam Jah Sound, Ian, Nobby and the rest of Munchbreak's extended family (for your friendship and musical inspiration), Lee & Debbie (true artists), Messenger Douglas (this one's your year Dougie), Pecker and Juggla (who keep the good vibes going wherever they party), Jacci (for being such a good friend), and Nigel (still one of the best song writers in the biz... but I do want to hear that electronic album you've been threatening for a few years...), Gez, Steff & Tim and the rest of the Faceshaper family (how long until the new album?!), Alice, Nick and Alfie, Jonny and Geoff and the Eclectic Method (it's been too long guys), Databass Dave (talking of far too long...), and Paul B, and Tone (always an inspiration) and the rest of the friends I never seem to find enough time to be with.

All the best for 2009!"